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Year 12 Geography Fieldtrip

The Year 12 Geographers visited Epping Forest on Thursday last week. Their aim was to investigate downstream changes in Loughton Brook by examining a number of characteristics of the river channel. Students learnt about the Geology of the area to help them understand the context of the stream. As ever, the fieldwork involved getting their hands dirty and in one unfortunate case the inside of a Wellington boot. Students experienced using a surveyors level to calculate the gradient of the stream as well as taking measurements of width, depth, wetted perimeter and the size and roundness of the sediment. A hard but ultimately enjoyable days work was done by all. Congratulations to the sixteen students involved for all their hard work and good humour: Alexandra Bolger, Joe Coade, Tom Collins, Justin Garvey, Oliver Ghali, Charlie Harding, Elise Hutson, Ishaq Javed, Azith Kalilul Rahman, Alice Lemmon, Emma O’Neill, Neal Rama, Sid-Ali Sid, Tom Stainton, Adam Tonini and Reece Wilson. Thanks also to Mr Vincent for organising and helping with the fieldwork.

A. McDonald, Head of Geography

Year 12 Geography Fieldtrip 2015

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