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Seasons Greetings

We are coming to the end of a term that has seen some great writing from the after-school club. Last week we did a popular task with the highly decriptive name of – wait for it – Things in a Bag. This, as the name suggests, involves ‘things’  in a bag!’ In other words, I bring in a range of interesting artefacts that I pick up from junk shops and charity shops and the students use them as the springboard for some creative writing. Kaya Alexander in Year Nine consistently writes interesting and imaginative pieces for me and she was inspired by an old laminated box with Egyptian markings. Who, we wondered, had it once belonged to? Here is her piece. I hope you like it. Have a wonderful Christmas break, whether or not you celebrate! See you in 2018.   I put down the scrap wood I had no use for to get to the other waste materials. I picked it all up and my dog started barking at something in the rubble. I chucked all the scrap into a pile that surounded the metal waste bin and walked over to my dog to pull her away from what I presumed was a rat hiding in a box. I grabbed her collar and yanked her back to find a pristine, beautifully marked Egyptian style jewellery box with shining gold markings. As I picked it up Corrly barked at me. She was never this loud. I opened the box to see if there was anything inside that was making her like this. I found a small key lodged between flaps of fabric. And this is when it all REALLY kicked off…  

Quantum ChristmasCarol

‘A Christmas Carol’ Performance

As part of the English Literature GCSE exam, students are studying Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol. We have been afforded the most wonderful and exciting opportunity. Quantum Theatre are going to be performing their touring production of the above play to both Year 10 and 11 at our school.  The students in both year groups have been informed of this already and have been very enthusiastic about it. The actors will be coming to our school on Friday, 12th January for the day in order to perform two separate productions. In addition, offering a ‘Question and Answer’ session to them after the play. We have organised the day so that most students are able to watch the production during their English lessons, thus avoiding too much disruption to other subjects. We are requesting a voluntary contribution of £3 per student to cover both productions and thus ensure that each student gets to see the production on that day. I do hope that you can appreciate this wonderful opportunity and how it will assist with one of their core exam texts. To support your child’s attendance at this performance, please ask students to collect a letter from reception, complete and return the permission slip and return to the front office. Payments are to be paid online, via ParentPay by Friday 5th January 2018.  If you are unable to use ParentPay please contact the finance office for an alternative payment option. Thanks very much in advance for your support. Yours faithfully Mrs Ribekow-Evans Assistant Headteacher

Karakuri 1

Year 8 Karakuri Competition

I was very impressed with the quality of the Karakuri projects produced by our Year 8 students this year, who were asked to design and make a moving toy or Karakuri out of card and paper. This is a challenging task but there were a wonderful range of fabulous designs and some very clever mechanisms, showing a remarkable grasp of the theory and constraints that the materials set. The students researched widely and incorporated their findings into their amazing design work, which were then marked to select the top 20 designs to be put forward for the house competition – this was no mean feat as there were 215 to choose from! The students all put in huge amounts of effort to get the best Karakuri design and win one of the coveted certificates or even an Amazon voucher. The project has developed over the last few years and the students rose to the occasion producing the best quality work ever! The winners of the competition received top marks for creativity, quality of finish and a fully working mechanism that suited the movement of the design. The winners this year were: 1st – Edith Locke 8G (Dracula), 2nd: Chrystalla Kiti 8C (Robot), 3rd: Owen Hallett 8H (Skulls). The certificate winners were: Yuval Covo 8E, Loren Abrahams 8D, Max Stewart 8H, Tom Castiglione 8A, Chloe Constantinou 8A, Saffron Hall 8A, Freya Hailey 8C, Daisy Duke 8D, Keziah Tilley 8C, Andrew Georgiou 8H, Faith Watkinson 8A, Brandon Neophytou 8G, Faeez Aullyar 8F, Sam Adams 8B, Ellie Nelson 8F, Jake Wheeler 8H and Mia Marshall 8A. All these talented students have been invited to spend the day using Microbits with a representative from Cambridge University. Well done! C. Chandler, Technology Teacher

LEGO Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Chess Set 5

Star Wars Day

STAR WARS DAY: FRIDAY 8TH DECEMBER In celebration of the upcoming release of the new Star Wars film we will be holding a Star Wars Day in the Library on Friday 8th December. We’ll be showing a Star Wars film and announcing the winner of the Star Wars Quiz, expect a very special guest! The quiz will be running from Friday 1st – Thursday 7th December, please come in to pick up a quiz sheet.

DSCF1144 Smaller Caroline

Caroline Green EBS Author In Residence talks to Year 7

Caroline Green, EBS Author in Residence , talked to all of Year 7 on Monday 20th November. Caroline has been Author in Residence here at EBS since 2012. She has written a number of award winning Young Adult novels including Dark Ride, Cracks, Fragments and Hold Your Breath as well as two books for adults as Cass Green which have been Times Bestsellers: The Woman Next Door and In A Cottage in A Wood. Caroline told Year 7 about her inspiration for writing her novels as well as her theories about how fiction books help us to process emotions such as fear. She then asked students to think about a fictional gadget they wanted to invent and gave prizes for the two best answers. Caroline urged students to try hard at whatever career they aspire to and stressed that  they should not be put off  by rejection letters particularly if they want to work in the field of the arts and literature; she had many of these “no” letters before getting accepted by a publisher. At the end of the session there was time for questions from the audience and our students asked some interesting ones including what was Caroline’s own favourite book of the ones she has written – she found this hard to answer as it was like “a parent having to choose their favourite child!”.  One student was keen to know how long it took to write a book –  about six months was the answer. Caroline is in school on Mondays; she runs after school Creative Writing as well as EEE sessions. She is also helping with Journalism Club at lunchtime this term and will be running the Stan Lee Shadowing Group in the Library in January.

EBS Design Team Winners 2017

Design Team Success

The EBS Design Team entered a London-wide competition based upon the idea of designing innovative underground space. The Institute of Civil Engineers, (ICE) developed the competition through the ‘Future Engineers Scheme’ which aims to reach out to students across London to develop their awareness and understanding of engineering careers. The Design Team comprising four East Barnet students, Elena, Eleanor, Lucy and Tom, devised THE LIFE LINE, a system of underground tunnels across London providing a high-speed emergency shuttle service for the NHS. Their bold design won them the Innovation Award, their ideas being commended for their originality and clear presentation. The awards ceremony was held at the ICE and the prize awarded to the Team by the current ICE president Tom Broyd.

EBS Awards Eve Headteachers Award 2017

EBS Awards Evening 2017

Our fabulous annual Award Ceremony was opened last week by Joshua Chabala and Aliza Lalani – our Head Boy and Head Girl. 55 students, accompanied by parents, family members and friends were welcomed to the prestigious event, where they were presented on stage with silver trophies and special commendations, recognising their outstanding achievement. Awards were presented from all faculties in the school. In addition, three students were recognised for their outstanding academic performance achieving the highest grades overall in their Key Stage. In recognision of other achievements in the school and beyond, a Community, Leadership, and two Governors’ Trophies were also awarded. The finale was the presentation of Mr Christou’s Headteacher’s Award, received by the very deserving Abi Medway-Smith. During the evening, there were musical performances from two talented musicians – Thenuk Chandrasena on guitar and James Tivey on piano, creating a wonderful atmosphere for all who attended. Our guest speaker for the evening was Anthony Murphy, a former EBS student. He shared his humorous memories of EBS, spoke about his exciting career in Criminal Psychology, and offered current students advice on making the most of every life experience, including using the “opportunity tool box” to fulfil ambitions. He even presented his engaging speech on stage, wearing his old school tie! Thank you to all staff, parents and governors who attended the event making it such as special occasion, and huge congratulations to all the worthy recipients of the awards. We look forward to celebrating more success in 2018. Congratulations to all the winners: Dalia Abdelaziz Montana Acheampong Samuel Adams George Ayling William Baker Ellie Barlow Maximillian Blatch Paris Bojang Taylor Bremner-Davies Milly Catchpole Vittoria Cavarero Joshua Chabala Thenuk Chandrasena Alex Charalambous Elie Christodoulou Nathaniel Cooke Jessica Corbett Alexander Dunton Yehoshua Francis Kci-James Gibbons Adam Gomme Holly Greenwood Agata Gwincinska Saffron Hall Carys Hooper Archie Hopping Amber Irish Mihailo Jajcanin Adam Joyce Porter Locke Alexander McNeill Abbie Medway-Smith Grace Merryweather Esha Mistry Behdad Monsef Paloma Newbould-Shepherd Alice Nicotra Eloise Pavlou Kimberley Perkins Eleanor Rachel Aaliyah Razi Katie Sauka Rikesh Shah Libby Stainton Milton Stavrou Torbjørn Thorpe-Brandt James Tivey Michele Vetrano Paolo Vetrano Harshil Vipani Mohamed Wansa Callum Watkins Amy Wheeler James Williamson Amy Yarrow

Bookfair Books

Book Fair A Great Success

The EBS Scholastic Bookfair was extremely successful this year. The school earned £674 of free books for our Library. We have already purchased some of these books and they are on the shelves ready for our students to start reading. Many thanks to all students, parents and staff who purchased books from our fair and helped us achieve this goal and a special thank you to Ella in 10C who helped the library staff to run the fair over the course of the week.  


Scholastic Book Fair

We’re having another  Book Fair in the Library Tuesday 31st October -Thursday 2nd November at lunchtime– a great chance for students/staff to choose reading books to buy for themselves and also holiday presents for friends and family. On Thursday November 2nd  the Book Fair will be in the entrance hall during Y7 Pastoral Evening from 3.45 -7.30  but will be open to all students and parents not just Year 7s. If students return for this they must wear school uniform for identification purposes. We are asking everyone to pay with cash both during the day and in the evening. Books sold will earn free books for EBS library so come and look at all our exciting books, posters and stationery.