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Year 7 Literature Quiz Team

On the 24th of April, five ambitious Year 7 students made their way to Totteridge Academy, to do literature battle, in the hopes of being crowned the champions of English Literature in Barnet. Previously, this team (Great Expectations), defeated five contestants in Year 7, and won their place in the competition at Totteridge.

On the journey, Mr Sweeney was firing quick questions on books, to the team, to sharpen their brains and give them the edge. As the team entered, with their cool vibe, they were faced with a room full of competitors, staring solemnly into the distance.

As Great Expectations sat down, they were faced with a ‘marathon’ (the name of the first round). All the other groups were over-working their brains – attempting to solve the puzzles. Despite this, our group were keeping calm and thinking logically.

Having finished all the rounds, (two hours later), the EBS team finished in fourth position out of the eight competing. They left with good spirit and sportsmanship, having enjoyed their time.

The team: Hannah, Lottie, Emily, Aaron and Sofia

Written by: Lottie, Hannah and Emily

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