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Careers In Focus

Careers In Focus

We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to over 35 employers who came into school on 15th March to interview all 147 Year 12 students. The activity was part of the annual Sixth Form Interview Skills Programme and is an invaluable experience of ‘the world of work’. Year 12 student, Adam Wells, helps to set the scene: ‘the event has helped me in many ways as I received constructive feedback for future interviews and we all collaborated to see where we could improve. Overall, I would say it was a great and accurate experience and would recommend this type of opportunity to anyone…’. We have just received some fantastic feedback and I would like to share some of the wonderful comments from the employers:

  • “These kids have great confidence and clearly took it seriously.”
  • “Work experience examples can be decisive.”
  • “There are some very bright students in this school.”
  • “Event was well run on the day – good job!”
  • “Great to have the opportunity to give feedback and try to inspire young people.”
  • “Great students!”
  • “The ‘Sixth Form’ young adults take these exercises seriously which is really positive to see.”
  • “My work place experiences can help others as they start their journey of interviews.”
  • “Preparation is everything.”
  • “How hard it is to choose between candidates – how unfortunately work experience can prove to be decisive.”
  • “How fantastic the next generation are and the potential they have.”
  • “I was impressed by the students.”

E. Betts, Careers

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