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Walking in another’s shoes 2

We are looking further into fictional characterisation right now and last week I took in my character card props to use as writing prompts. These are a bunch of cards I made myself and each one has a particular character idea on it, ranging from, ‘You are the child of a dictator,’ to, ‘You have just woken up on the shores of a deserted island,’ to, ‘You are only half human,’ and many more. We have some new students from Year 7 in the club now and I was really impressed with this piece by Julia Zegar, who was even brave enough to read it out!

Julia’s topic was, ‘You are only half human.’


I looked around. Nobody here. I took off the hat that had been covering my ears. ‘I’m never wearing this hat again,’ I thought. Then I remembered what Mum and Dad told me.

‘If you take off your hat, everyone will know that we’re half foxes and we don’t want to get caught again,’ muttered Mum before I went to school.

We used to live in New York but then the humans found out so we had to move to England. My ears drooped. Every time I thought of America, I remembered Dad, but he got caught. I didn’t know what they were going to do with him, but it would be nothing good.

‘Fawn?’ It was my twin sister, Winter. The strange thing about us is that she is an Arctic fox, whilst I’m a red fox. ‘Are you okay?’

‘Course I am,’ I laughed, trying to sound as positive as I could.

‘Mum says to go home.’

‘I don’t want to.’

‘But Ma said…’

‘I don’t care what she said. I’m half fox and foxes are wild.’

Suddenly we heard footsteps. Winter squealed, putting on my hat to cover her ears.

Then I saw what it was. It was a young boy about my age. His hair looked like a bird’s nest, his brown button eyes stared at me and he had wolf ears and a tail. We stared at each other for a while.

‘Who are you?’ my sister blurted out, slowly taking her hat off.

‘I’m… Midnight,’ he replied shyly.

‘I’m Winter, and that’s my sister Fawn,’ Winter muttered. Suddenly someone shoved her.

‘Get away from my brother!’ It was a girl, about a year older than us. Her pitch-black hair covered half her face. Her wolf tail shivered a little and her chocolate-coloured eyes were filled with rage.


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