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GCSE and A Level Exams 2019 Contingency Day

11th January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

I would like to draw your attention to something for this year’s GCSE and A Level candidates: the Joint Council for Qualifications have announced a contingency date.

A contingency date is a day specifically set aside, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the June 2019 examination series. If disruption happens, the GCSE and/or GCE (A Level) examinations would be taken either for the first time or again on that day.

The contingency date for 2019 is 26th June.

Therefore students taking public examinations should not plan to leave East Barnet after A Levels before that date and students who finish their GCSEs before that date should not plan a holiday or to be at any distance from school before 27th June 2019.

– Examinations Officer

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