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Student Thoughts on Disruption Free Learning

The school received a letter from representatives of Student Voice in relation to the new Disruption Free Learning approach within the school which was implemented in January. We are pleased to attach a copy of their letter below:


Dear Parents/Carers,

We wanted to let you know our thoughts on the new Disruption Free Learning that has been introduced at EBS. The system has had a very positive impact on lessons. We are finding it easier to learn and have noticed teachers are finding it easier to teach. They can teach more content in lessons, add more depth and introduce us to things that they might not have been able to before DFL was introduced. Lessons start very quickly now and in our GCSE lessons we can cover more content. This is making us feel less stressed about our exams. In maths, we have noticed there is more time for interactions between students and teachers so we can ask more questions and have them answered by the teacher. Teachers can now deal with bad behaviour quickly and this is leading to more progress in our lessons. We are being set less ‘catch-up’ homework by teachers and homework tasks are now more focused and designed to specifically help us.

On a day to day basis it feels like the school motto “I want to learn” is really being brought to life. It feels like we are learning more in all our lessons. The biggest challenge for us so far has been breaking old habits and making new ones. Getting to know what is expected in lessons and what is acceptable has also been a challenge but we are really starting to see the rewards. We have had to realise that everyone is accountable with DFL but also that everyone will benefit. We really think the system is having a positive impact and are glad it has been introduced.

Kind regards,

The Student Voice
(Sent from members of The EBS Student Voice, Years 7 – 11)

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