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Pictures and words

Happy new year to all readers of the blog! It’s great to be back with the writing club. We are a lively bunch at the moment, with a large group of students ranging from Year Seven to Year Thirteen.

We kicked off the new term with a session based around award-winning photos from the World Photography Association Awards 2018. There were some stunning images here in a range of categories and the students used some examples as the springboard for their writing.

Everyone in the group was impressed with this dark, creepy piece by Julia Zegar in Year Seven, who is already shaping up to be a wonderful writer. I can’t wait to see how her work continues to develop! This was inspired by an unusual picture taken in a morgue, with some students dressed in white coats and a human skull in the foreground.

‘When I die, I want everyone to wear white at my funeral,’ he used to say. He was scared of the colour black for some reason. He said it looked too much like ‘him’.

Nobody noticed the one man in black. They must have thought he didn’t know about the young Night’s request. Nobody knew who he was, or why he wore a black amsk and hoodie.

The drama began when the boy went missing. He wasn’t in his coffin. The only thing that was there was water and blood. It was strange, as the boy was dried after being found bleeding in the river. His older sister (who was wearing a white dress) was too paranoid to look for her brother’s body. Instead, she walked over to the nearest table, the one with the feather. She suddenly gasped, and was unable to speak. Her brother’s skull was there, with some writing on it. The man in black appeared next to her and peered in at what she found. She knew it weas Chinese and before she could ask the man answered her question. ‘You’re next,’ he simply said and then all she could see was darkness.

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