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Stranger than fiction?

We looked at strange news stories from around the world in the session last week, and the bizarre tales included one about the theft of a coffin (complete with corpse) from a hearse, and a rogue, giant crocodile that went wandering onto a Florida golf course. John Pritchard in Year 7 wrote a lovely piece about what it would be like to come face-to-face with one of these real-life prehistoric monsters. But this croc is less bothered about eating people, and more about enjoying the spotlight!


It took milliseconds for me to whip out my phone as the majestic animal passed me, its head whipping side to side. As more people were lured in some of us crept forward. Hoping to get a good shot for their WhatsApp statuses or even just to share it with their colleagues at work. Soon it was the centre of attention and it looked like it was enjoying it. Its head was swishing so it could catch everyone’s beady eyes…awe-struck eyes. It raised its tail up and down, left and right. Just as a dog would have been, being stroked by its owner. Its gleaming scales rebounded the sunlight, creating light in all directions. Then, smoothly it began to trundle forward, having appreciated its small yet great reign.

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