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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Performance!

We were delighted to present Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as this year’s EBS whole school production. Producing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first show, 60 years after its first performance was a big challenge, with a young cast, large number of songs, and a completely sung orchestral score. To be honest, we thought it would be easier! We are so proud of what the students achieved. The effort and energy from our talented cast – ranging from Years 7-11 was fantastic. Euan Williams, in the title role, led the cast with great humour and maturity, whilst Evie Craggs, Amy Perera, and Eleanor Rachel’s Narrators told the audience the story with energy, and beautiful voices. There were unforgettable cameos from the likes of Kci-James Gibbons and Isabella Constanti as Mr & Mrs Potiphar, Sebastian Harry as Pharoah, not to mention the splendidly moustachioed Ishmalites – led by Colin the Camel. Speaking of moustaches, anyone who was at the Saturday performance cannot have failed to notice the hilarious facial hair malfunctions that plagued Adam Hutton’s Jacob. The work-rate and commitment of each and everyone of The Brothers was a pleasure to work with in rehearsal and a joy to watch in performance. They sang, danced, and created loads of laughs along the way. I always say that the overall quality of a school show is dependent, not on the lead performers, but the ensemble. Our wonderful chorus sang every word with power, executed Miss Buczman’s challenging choreography with style, and contributed to a fabulous production. The final word must go to the talented and hardworking orchestra who continue to exceed all expectations of what a student orchestra should be. We are extremely proud that this production was so student led – not only what could be seen onstage, but also in terms of lighting, sound, and stage management. Here’s to next year and (before you ask), yes we do know what the show is going to be, and no we not going to tell you!

K. Messios, K. Eustace, E. Marriott, L. Carnegie-Gomez, E. Buczman, C. Chandler

Reviews of Joseph

“The back flip by the Elvis was the best thing I’ve ever seen.” – Freddie Ricketts, aged 6

“Look mummy! Lights! Lights! It’s daytime. It’s nighttime, it’s daytime again. Wow!” – Johnny Messios, aged 3

“I loved the dancing and the yellow t-shirts but they didn’t have pink!!” – Molly Ricketts, aged 3

“I liked the old man bit, it was very funny. It was very, very good I liked the singing, the music and the drama.” – Eleri Parfitt, aged 6

“An energetic production jam packed full of ‘technicolour’ talent!” – Lili Fowkes-Gajan, aged 12

“The singing was magnificent when the mics were not malfunctioning. The funniest bit was the fruit dance this was a funky song.” – Evan Schramm, aged 9

“I liked it when it was the end” – Calliope Messios, aged 5

“I loved the show. I mostly loved little Benjamin, the Elvis flips and the main song performed at the start and end. I want to come to every show at East Barnet School because it was all really good and really funny.” – Lara Karakin, aged 7

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