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Spring has sprung!

We have a thriving Creative Writing club at the moment, where we have been learning all about how to plot a story. This is one of the aspects of writing I found hardest to begin with and so made it a mission to learn as much as I could about how to do it!

Julia Zegar in Year 7 loves writing stories with twists. This is a very clever example of how to finish a story with a sting in the tale. It was prompted by two of my ‘character cards’, which have a brief description of a character who can be used in a story. Julia combined, ‘You were created in a lab’ and, ‘You wash up on a desert island’ to great effect here.

I used to live in ordinary life as an ordinary girl. That’s what I thought, anyway. Truth hurts, at least I think that’s what being hurt feels like. I’m not an actual human being after all. I’m just a robot. Dad created me because he couldn’t have a daughter of his own. When I found out he was lying to me all this time, I was furious. Dad never let me go to the beach and now I understand why. I wanted to show him a lesson and ran to the water. I was paralysed and saw darkness. Now I’m awake. And alive. I can’t move, but at least I didn’t die. I was mad at myself. Why did I go in the water? Why did I run away? I stared at the golden sand, surrounding me. I was on on an island. Suddenly my face was covered in water and the waves swallowed me whole. I feel dizzy and switched off again.

‘That’s my story,’ I said emotionlessly.

‘So you believed you are a robot?’ asked my patient.

‘Yes I replied. Eventually got rescued but was very violent. I got sent to an orphanage then I started going to therapy like you are now.

Sarah frowned at me. ‘And you decided to become a therapist?’


I’ve been programmed to tell the story to others even if it isn’t true. I hate lying but robots to do as they’re told.

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