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EBS Oxford Trip

Year 8 Trip to Oxford University as Part of the Scholars’ Programme

On Monday, 1st of March, 11 Year 8 students and I went on a trip to St Hugh’s College at Oxford University as part of the Scholars Programme. We had to arrive at school at 7:45am! We travelled in the new minibus and after about 2 hours we arrived in Oxford.

When we arrived we  were given our schedules for the day, tea, coffee and lots of biscuits. First, we went to a University style tutorial and learnt techniques to write persuasive arguments such as using emotive language, logic and structure. We then practised our skills using the topic of wearing school uniform.

At lunchtime the college provided us with a lovely lunch, including chocolate cake! Afterwards we were given a tour of the campus. This was my favourite part because the gardens were beautiful and it was interesting to see the different styles of buildings within the college. We also were shown the student accommodation including where Theresa May lived during her time at St Hugh’s. The college library was amazing! It had every book needed for every class and looked very grand.

We then had a Q and A session about University life, what degrees you can study and what clubs you can join, such as the Quidditch Club.

I found the trip very interesting and informative. I am now looking forward to attending weekly tutorials at school in the summer term and feel very excited about the possibility of attending university in the future.

Megan Lam, Year 8

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