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Wear Green For Climate Change

Wear Green and Combat Climate Change

June 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

Following concerns raised by EBS pupils at recent Student Voice meetings, the school has decided to take some positive actions to reduce it’s impact on climate change.  The Student Voice has set up an Environmental Team, which is launching a campaign next week to increase awareness of climate change and highlight positive changes that the school and individuals can make.

New recycling bins are being introduced around school and packaging in the canteen is being replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives.  A new vegan menu has been introduced and a manned recycling station will be launched in the dining hall to help encourage recycling.   There will also be a drive on using re-usable drinks bottles.

As a school we still want to do more.  In order to further increase the number of recycling bins and other resources that create a greener environment we have agreed to hold a Wear Green Non-School Uniform Day on Wednesday 3rd July to raise funds.  Students in years 7-9 will be allowed to wear non-school uniform and are encouraged to wear something green in support of the environmental team and the actions we are taking.

Please note, that although students are permitted to wear non-school uniform on this day the school rules regarding hair, makeup, sensible footwear and jewellery still apply.  Students are not permitted to dye their hair on the day.  Students must also come equipped for learning. 

If they wish to take part in the event, students should make a voluntary contribution of £1 (or more if you wish).  This will be collected during form time before Wednesday.  All proceeds will go towards new recycling equipment at EBS and other ways we can help combat climate change within our school.

We hope you will be able to show support and join us in make a difference.

Yours faithfully,                                                                                                                                  

Mr Carrington (on behalf of the Student Voice) & Mr S White (Associate Deputy Head)

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