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Year 11 Mock Examinations

November 2019

Re: Year 11 Mock Examinations

Dear Parent / Guardian / Student

I am writing to advise you of the arrangements for Year 11 students during their mock examinations which take place from Wednesday 4th December until Wednesday 18th December.  Each day is made up of 3 two hour sessions, starting from 9.00am and ending at 4.30 pm or earlier depending on the exam. Please check the timetable, so that you are aware of the time your child will be leaving at the end of the day.

The aim of the mocks is to enable students to gain experience of GCSE’s under real exam conditions.  Students will receive feedback on how they have done and what they need to do to improve in preparation for their Summer exams.  All those entitled to additional support/time in the exams will receive it during the mock period.

During assemblies in the build up to the examinations we will be stressing the importance of the points mentioned below and ask that you reinforce this at home so that the exam period runs as smoothly as possible for everyone:

  • Students must bring their exam ID cards with them for each exam – this is to allow invigilators to check their identity and that they are sitting the correct paper.
  • Students must wear full school uniform for all exams.
  • If exams finish during lesson time students must return to their timetabled lesson.
  • Exam conditions start as soon as students enter the exam rooms. This means no talking.
  • No bags will be allowed in the exam rooms; lockers can be used to store belongings.
  • Mobile phones will be collected by the invigilators at the start of each exam and must be switched
  • Students are expected to follow the normal school timetable when not in an exam.
  • The mock examination timetable can be found on the school website:
  • Students must report promptly for examinations, at least 10 minutes before the start.
  • Students must have appropriate equipment for each examination (clear pencil case, black pens, pencil, rubber, ruler etc.).


Notice to students:

  • Please write your name and form on the top of your timetable.
  • Underline or highlight all the examination sessions you are due to attend.
  • If you have two exams scheduled at the same time (a clash), please mark these with an ’*’ and return this timetable to Mrs Norton or myself. It will then be returned to you with appropriate arrangements indicated.
  • Examinations vary in length. These times are indicated and students will be dismissed from the examination only when the total length of the exam has elapsed.
  • Keep this timetable somewhere safe and, perhaps, make a copy to keep with you when at school.
  • This letter, together with the timetable will be on the school website.

As with the Summer examinations, any absence must be phoned into the school as soon as possible and supported with medical evidence.

Revision links, hints, and resources can be found on the school website:

If you have any queries regarding these arrangements or require any advice please contact me at school.

Yours faithfully,

Mr C Patsalis
Head of Year 11

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