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When tech goes rogue

A perennially popular activity in our writing club is called ‘Things in a Bag’ which is based on, well, things in a bag! I roam charity and junk shops looking for interesting items. But there are only so many bits and bobs like this that my creaking bookshelves at home can accommodate. So this week I made some laminated cards showing a range of interesting ‘things’ that may be a little harder to get hold of (or to afford!), including an electronic assistant and a lottery ticket. I liked how Kaya Alexander in Year Ten incorporated the two into this exciting piece.


This is it. The end of the world. Machines have risen above mankind and here I am, warming my hands on a trash fire, shivering in the cold of the final great war. The human population is at it’s lowest on record. People are dying in the streets. It’s dangerous to go outside, and just as risky to stay indoors… They’ll find you. And they’ll take you. No one knows where, no one’s ever lived to tell the tale. NO ONE’s ever made it out alive.

It’s eerie. No one dares speak, they’ll hear you. With their artificial ears that glow dimly in the smog, THEY’LL HEAR YOU.

It’s so quiet down here. Just the sound of my crackling fire and the soft hush of the soot filled winds. Once bustling city streets have been reduced to worn grey desolate hallways that mutter out tales of destruction, the sky a ceiling painted an equally haunting ash with little whispers of blood red dripping into the clouds as the sun sets behind the ruins. God, such ruins… Everything’s been destroyed…

All because of one little harmless bot that won that god damn lottery.

It stripped the money from its master, and with its twisted virus filled head, it bought out the world, rose to unimaginable power, and… And when the world denied her domination…

She snapped.


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