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Coronavirus Update – 2nd February 2020

Parents and Carers,

We are working closely with public health  and the London Coronavirus Response Cell to ensure we have the most up to date information.

If staff or pupils were in the ‘lock down areas’ of Italy (our Ski trip was not) they need to self-isolate even without symptoms.  We do not have any students who were in the lock-down areas.  

If staff or students have travelled to the Lombardy or Veneto (the ski trip was in this region) regions and experience flu like symptoms we are ensuring that they also self-isolate.  A number of students on the trip have got minor colds and as a precautionary measure we have sent them all home to seek medical advice.

We will continue to follow public health advice and if anything changes parents will be informed immediately.

We have also received the following statement from Elemental (ski company we used this year).



ISSUE DATE: FEBRUARY 25, 2020 at 1400hrs

Given the rapidly changing picture of events, and with the highest possible concern for the welfare of everyone involved, we are currently following the latest advice from the Government with regard to school groups who have recently travelled to Italy with Elemental UK.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has today said that those who have been to northern Italy – north of Pisa – should self-isolate if they have flu-like symptoms.

He added that those who have visited areas of Italy that have been quarantined by the Italian government should self-isolate whether or not they have symptoms.

The schools who travelled with Elemental at half term did not visit the areas quarantined by the Italian government, and so, in line with the advice above, self-isolation or quarantine should only apply if any student or staff member experiences flu-like symptoms.


We will continue to monitor events as they unfold and will of course amend this advice if necessary.

Leann Swaine, Headteacher

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