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Year 11 and 13 Teaching and Learning Update

22nd April 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians

As we begin the new summer term, albeit remotely, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide the EBS community with an update on Teaching and Learning.

As you will be aware the government decided back in March, due to the Coronavirus, to cancel all summer exams. The responsibility in awarding fair and accurate GCSE and A Level grades has therefore been placed upon schools. We want to assure you all that we are working hard and using a range of evidence available to provide robust teacher assessments which will be submitted to Ofqual for standardisation. For a more detailed explanation of this process please view the following presentation:

In the meantime, we want to ensure our students are provided with a menu of engaging learning opportunities which will help them prepare well for their next phase in education.

For Year 11, we are busy planning a range of subject based bridging assignments which will help students embark on a learning journey reflecting their chosen A Level courses. We are currently assigning students to subject groups based on A Level choices they have already made. Students will begin to be set these bridging assignments over a 4-week period starting from the 4th May. If students are still unsure of their choices for A Level, they will be able to view the entire selection of assignments via Sharepoint, so they can keep their learning as broad as they would like. In addition to these A Level preparatory assignment, Year 11 students will continue to be set work from the core subjects as these remain fundamental to learning in all other areas.

We hope by moving towards this style of learning, students will find the work more meaningful and therefore improve engagement. It will also demonstrate to teachers how serious the students are about A Level learning. Whilst completion of the assignments will show commitment from the students, we cannot at this stage guarantee enrolment of every student onto every selected course. Sixth Form Induction will still take place in some form, where grades and other information will be considered before student places are offered. If students are applying for other Sixth Forms in the area, the assignments will still be useful and engagement with them can be discussed at future interviews and/ or inductions.

For those students applying for college places, they are still be required to complete the core work set on Skooler and will be provided with more relevant learning resources to prepare them for their future career paths.

For both Year 11 and Year 13 we are also currently organising student access to an additional learning platform called ‘BeReady’ which offers many schools a range of well-planned lessons and learning opportunities remotely. Students will soon be able to freely access the resources to supplement their current learning.

Whilst student access to ‘BeReady’ is being organised, and prior to the launch of bridging assignments for Year 11 in May, students should continue to engage with assignments set by current subject teachers and explore the wealth of free courses being offered online, to enrich learning. Mrs Carnegie-Gomez has already been in communication with our Year 13 students encouraging them to look at and enrol on interesting courses by MOOC – an extension of, a leader in online courses. We will continue to share opportunities for additional online learning through the weekly communication you will receive from Ms Swaine.

In the meantime, if you have a subject specific query, please contact the relevant subject teacher by email. If you are unsure of their email address, then please send your email to and indicate in the subject field who the email is intended for, so it can be forwarded promptly and with ease.

If you have a query about Teaching and Learning at a whole school level or would like to offer feedback on what’s working well (WWW) or even better if (EBI), regarding the home learning experience, please email me directly at

Staff will endeavour to return emails promptly, but please be mindful that some teachers may be unwell or caring for family members who are unwell.

We are so looking forward to our school reopening and to return to a sense of normality. Please remember that despite currently being apart we are still a very strong community and are here to help each other in as many ways possible.

Stay home, stay positive and keep well.

Kind regards

Mrs Hurst
Associate Deputy Headteacher

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