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Important Notice for Year 9 Girls

We have arranged for the second dose of the of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination, to be given to Year 9 girls on Thursday 16 July.

A notice with final arrangements can be seen below:


Dear Parents and Guardians

Arrangements for HPV Dose 2 Year 9 Girls – Thursday 16 July

Here are the arrangements for the vaccination. If you have any queries regarding this please contact me directly on my email

Students are to arrive at the following times for their injections according to their surnames to allow us to stagger the number of students and ensure that correct social distancing measures can be in place.

A to E: 10am

F to L: 10.30am

M to R: 11am

S to Z: 11.30am

Students may wear their own clothing (school uniform does not have to be worn), but please ensure it is clothing that is suitable for having an injection in the arm.

The vaccinations will take place in the Sports Hall on Level 2. This is a very large, well-ventilated area and will allow the nurses to be spaced out at distance and for students to wait for their injections in a large area.

Entry and Exit Arrangements

Entrance: students are to enter via the normal school gates or from the car park if brought by parents, but they are not to come into the building at the main school entrance. Instead, they are to turn right at the MUGAs and walk along the path down to the side entrance of the building on Level 2 that takes them to Technology. This entrance then takes the students directly into the north-west side of the building and in to the first set of doors to the Sports Hall. At this point the students will be greeted by the Care Assistants brought as part of the nursing team, myself and some other members of staff.

Exit: on leaving the Sports Hall, students will exit by the doors on the other side of the Sports Hall, they will walk down the flight of stairs to Level 1 and exit through the doors on the south-west side of the building. They will walk back up the path, along the MUGAs and either re-join parents in the car park or exit via the school gates. Should we use the side gates by the side of the house on Chestnut Grove, we will do this, but students can still walk to the car park to meet parents.

The school vaccination team will be in full PPE and so the spacing between each students’ injection will be longer than when Dose 1 was given. Myself and other members of staff will be there as familiar faces and giving that bit of moral support if needed. I know that this is not the most pleasant of things to do, but it is very important that we can get Dose 2 given.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Foley
Assistant Headteacher

Please click here to read the letter from the school immunisation team with some more information. Students with surnames beginning with the following letters need to be in for these times.

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