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Year 12 Update Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It has been the most wonderful two weeks welcoming the students back to school.  They have been so mature about the whole process and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

I am writing now to explain how the next three weeks of face to face learning will operate, and to reassure you that we have not only planned this, again with government guidance in mind, but also from evaluating the past two weeks practice.

From Friday 3rd July, your child will be invited into school for subject specific tutorials, these will last between an hour and a half and two hours.  The dates and times of these tutorials are indicated in the table below.

Friday 3rd July -AM Arrival Time Room
Subject-COLUMN A
Art 9:20 419
Computing 9:20 416
Economics 9:25 425
Maths 9:30 428/426
PE 9:35 423
Psychology 9:40 Faraday
Friday 3rd July -PM
Subject-COLUMN B
Digital Media 12:25 416
English Literature 12:25 425
Politics 12:30 428
Photography 12:35 426
Physics 12:40 415/419
Sociology 12:45 Faraday
Friday 10th July -AM
Subject- COLUMN C
Biology 9:20 415
Business Studies 9:20 Faraday
German 9:25 419
History 9:30 423
PD Engineering 9:35 425
Psychology 9:40 426
Spanish 9:40 428
Maths coulmn D (1) 9:45 416
Friday 10th July -PM
Subject- COLUMN D
Cambridge Technical Business 12:25 Faraday
English Language 12:30 420/423
Geography 12:35 428
History 12:35 419
Maths 12:40 425
Psychology 12:45 415
Friday 17th July-AM
Subject Column E (1)
Biology 9:20 419
Chemistry 9:25 Faraday
Drama 9:30 428
Economics 9:35 426
Sociology 9:45 415
Friday 17th July-PM
Subject Column E (2)
Economics 12:25 426
Sociology 12:30 415
Further Maths 12:35 423
Photography 12:40 420
Product Design 12:45 419

As you can see, your child we be mixing with more students, but we are maintaining the same hygiene measures and class sizes will not exceed 15 students.

During their time in school, students will not have a break and no food will be supplied on site, if your child has two sessions in a day, they should leave the premises after the morning session and return for the afternoon. They cannot remain in school between the two. Students have also been asked to bring in their exercise books/folders for these subjects as well as any additional equipment such as a calculator for Maths. They should also have a water bottle and their school badge.

It has been explained to the students that these sessions will not involve new learning, instead they will review the work they have been completing, fill any gaps in knowledge and answer any subject specific questions they may have.

As with the pastoral sessions, students should arrive and line up on the dots outside the building, on entry they will be allocated a seat number and should follow the one-way system to their classroom. Please look closely at the table above as start times have been staggered.  If for any reason your child was unable to attend the pastoral session but will be coming in for these subject tutorials then please contact Ms Carnegie-Gomez as soon as possible.  We need to plan for numbers and students need to understand the social distancing and hygiene measures in place.  If you do not contact Ms Carnegie-Gomez, unfortunately we will be unable to let your child participate as the safety of the students and staff remains our priority.

If you have any questions or queries about the arrangements for the next two weeks, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yours Sincerely,
Miss L Coffill

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