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Eid in Lockdown

Ramadan and Eid were carried out in lockdown this year for us. Normally this is a time, when Muslims fill the mosques till late night praying. It’s a time to make the most of preparing special meals which are then handed out to people in your neighbourhood. Extra special effort is made to visit people and break the fast together in the community and the family. This wasn’t something that could happen this year with lockdown. People found different ways to celebrate Ramadan and Eid. I had family members whose children created a mosque in a corner of their lounge using cardboard boxes or Ramadan corners.

But it wasn’t all bad, fasting during daylight hours became easier as we were not struggling through traffic to get to work. Ramadan suddenly became less tiring. There was more time to focus on the merits of Ramadan and not eating or drinking during daylight hours became easier.

Eid is a huge celebration in the Muslim world. However, the exchange of sweets, food and presents suddenly became obsolete. Everyone stayed at home. No visiting, no hugs and kisses, no special food shared amongst the community once again.

We still made the day special by dressing up, some people used zoom to conduct Eid Salah (prayers). Families, video called each other instead whilst wearing their new Eid clothes and trying to groom their lockdown hair. And most people celebrated by having a lockdown barbecue on the day of Eid. Overall, it was still a great day as people concentrated on each other a lot more and everyone tried to speak to each other even if they were in a different time zone which normally doesn’t happen because everyone becomes so busy on the actual day. A lovely day even in lockdown.

Ms Idrees

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