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East Barnet School has a long and proud history, with only five Headteachers leading the school over a period of over 80 years. Once students join our school, they begin a lifetime’s association with our community, and many come back to work as teachers or support staff, whilst others send their own children (and even grandchildren) to the school, or offer support as mentors, coaches, interviewers, etc. We also offer former students opportunities for work placements so that they can gain experience, careers advice, or just a sense of belonging to such a vibrant and stimulating community. Former members of staff also remain part of our community, and many of them come back for social occasions or even for career advice and support.

The formal opening of our new school building in March 2011, brought together at least one student from every year group since the school opened in 1937, as well as many dignitaries, local headteachers, and friends of EBS; many visitors described it as the most moving and inspiring day they had spent in any school. Former EBS students came from Australia, New Zealand, and from all parts of the United Kingdom. Both of my daughters, who also attended our school, felt very privileged to represent their year groups (a very large number of our staff send their children to EBS), as did many members of staff (about 20 members of staff were former students).

Our welcome letters to Year 7 students always say “we hope your association with East Barnet School will be long and happy” the EBS Alumni is an organisation which has been set up to ensure this is so.

N. Christou, Former Headteacher (1998 – 2018)

So What is it all about?

Whether you are a recent leaver, or you have been away for a while, we are delighted that you have taken this opportunity to keep in touch with us and hope that you will take the time to register as a member of the EBS alumni.

The aim of the EBS alumni is to offer former students, teachers, parents and supporters of East Barnet School opportunities to maintain an active link with our school. We hope to keep you up to date with developments within the school and planned reunions.

By establishing a network of people linked to the school and to each other, we hope to strengthen links with the working community that we can make connections and provide opportunities for both our current and former students.
We plan to offer various opportunities for you to share some (or a lot!) of what you have learnt and experienced so far with our students.

As the Assistant Headteacher in charge of the development of the EBS Alumni I look forward to sharing ideas as to how we can build further connections together to support our exceptional institution.

J. Connick, Head of Sixth Form