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Severe Weather

Severe Weather at EBS

1. Check the website
Information about possible school closure will be posted on our website and updated regularly so please check for the latest information. Do not rely on your child’s latest text or BBM message from a mate! If the message on the website is unclear to you, then please phone the school to clarify. – 020 8344 2100

2. Students should make their way into school as usual
Like the school staff, all students should make every effort to get to school unless to do so would place their safety in jeopardy or a message about school closure has already been posted on the website.

3. Text message
The designated contact for each student will recieve a text message if the school will be closed earlier than usual.

4. Exams
Even if the school is closed for teaching, any examinations that are running that day will still go ahead if at all possible. In the unlikely event they cannot go ahead, then that information will also be posted on the website. Again if in doubt, phone the school – 020 8344 2100.

5. Double check the website
Please continue to check the website to ensure you have the latest up-to-date info. Some schools have in the past have remained open during heavy snow because they have had their teaching staff available. Just because one school can remain open does not necessarily mean East Barnet can, it all depends on staffing.

6. Patience
Please note that decisions about school closure can only be made once we are clear as to how many staff can make their way in. Many staff live a considerable distance from the school and until we are aware of how many are available (and some may be slowly making their way in) then we cannot decide if the normal timetable can go ahead.

Please be patient, the decision about school closure cannot be realistically made until after 9.30am when staff availability is clear.