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Ethos & Values

East Barnet School Headteacher

Our Motto, “I want to learn”, reflects a belief that motivation is the most important factor for achieving success in education. We also know that interesting and challenging lessons, combined with a culture where educational success is valued and respected by all members of the school community, will ensure that students remain focused on learning. Our success in achieving such a culture is undoubtedly the reason for the high academic standards and popularity of East Barnet School.

Academic success is not our only focus. “Respect yourself, others and your environment” forms the basis of our commitment to help students develop into responsible young people, who can make a positive contribution to society.

We are proud of being a true comprehensive school, where students throughout the ability range are able to achieve success.

We celebrate our diversity and respect the heritage, religion and culture of all our students and staff.

A number of our members of staff have children who attend the school, and many were ex-students themselves. We therefore have a very strong community spirit and are committed to providing all our children with the best education possible.

If you decide that East Barnet School provides the type of learning environment which will suit your child, and are fortunate enough to be offered a place, we hope your association with us will be a long and happy one.

L Swaine,

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