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East Barnet is an Academy Trust Company. It has three Members who ‘own’ the company – a bit like shareholders in a commercial firm. They have a constitutional role in the running of the Academy. They ensure the company follows our constitution and that it performs its functions in accordance with its charitable objectives. The three Members are the Chair and Vice-chair of Governors, plus the Chair of one of the Governors’ Sub-committees.

The majority of people on the Governing Body are not educational professionals, but willing volunteers who bring knowledge, skills and perspectives from the wider community. They are there to represent the public in the running of the school.

They are not there to tell the Headteacher how to run the school.

They are involved in setting curriculum, discipline, admission and similar major policies. They appoint, reward and discipline staff, but do not decide who should be teaching Year 8 for English on a Monday morning.

The Governing Body is responsible for the overall budget distribution, but not how many pencils are bought.

Main Responsibilities

  • set admissions criteria
  • set the budget
  • determine curriculum policy
  • select Head, Deputy Heads and other senior members of staff
  • ensure the additional educational needs of pupils are met
  • set sex education policy
  • make sure religious education is provided according to the law
  • deal with formal disciplinary matters
  • decide to reinstate permanently excluded pupils or not
  • produce an action plan following an Ofsted inspection
  • pass on any information to which parents or members of the public are legally entitled

Pupil Discipline

The Pupil Discipline Committee meets to make final decisions on permanent pupil exclusions. They will also listen to appeals from parents. They also issue “Governors’ Contracts” as a final sanction prior to permanent exclusions.

AEN Link - Including Gifted and Talented

Takes responsibility for liaising with the school’s Additional Educational Needs and Gifted and Talented coordinators. Keeps up to date with developments and progress in these areas and reports back to the Governing Body.

Communication Link

Monitors and advises on communications from the school to parents and the wider community, as well as assisting with press and ‘media’ issues relating to important events at the school. Is consulted on school publicity and advertising.

Educational Visits Link

Monitors the school’s policy for educational, recreational and sporting visits outside the school premises. Monitors Risk Assessments and reports back to the Governing Body.

Equal Opportunity Link

Takes responsibility for liaising with the school’s Equal Opportunity Co-ordinator. Ensures legal requirements are being met and reports back to the Governing body.

Health & Safety Link

Takes responsibility for liaising with the school’s Health & Safety Co-ordinator. Ensures legal requirements are being met and reports back to the Governing Body.

PTA Link

Acts as a liaison between the Governing Body and the PTA to ensure a collaborative work can be done for the school.

Safeguarding Governor

Is the nominated governor responsible for child protection issues and policy.

Training Link Governor

Organises and monitors training for other members of the Governing body and liaises with link governors from other schools within the LA.

Declaration of Business Interests and Connected Parties


The Freedom of Information Act requires publicly funded bodies, including schools, to be clear about the information they publish. We have produced a publication scheme setting out all the information we publish on a regular basis and where to find it. You can ask the school office to provide you with a copy free of charge and can also download it from our policies page.

For further information, contact:

John Ireton
Chair of Governors
East Barnet School
Chestnut Grove
East Barnet