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Past Headteachers

Mr Allan Clayton (1937 – 1960)

Past EBS Headteacher Allan Clayton

The imposing figure of Allan Clayton loomed large over the early years of the school. A strict disciplinarian who could strike fear into the hearts of wayward students; and a dedicated schoolmaster with a passion for sport and academic achievement. He devoted himself to the development of the school and its pupils and inspired great loyalty from many of those who passed through the School during his tenure as Headmaster. He led the school from its founding, through the traumatic years of war and on through the fifties.

I never measured him, but I think he was 6 feet 4 inches tall. Certainly, he wore rimless glasses, and rubber soled shoes, all of which enabled him to appear out of nowhere.

– Leon King writing in 2010 Association Newsletter

Mr Angus Johnston (1960 – 1971)

Past EBS Headteacher Angus Johnston

Angus Johnston had big shoes to fill when he took over from Mr Clayton in 1960. Under his tutilage the School continued to thrive and music was introduced to the curriculum.

As a Justice of the Peace he was an active member of the community and was fondly remembered by many, including John Lambert who recalls the Johnston era, below:

Angus Johnston and I were ‘new boys’ together – he as Headmaster and I as a pupil…He was a fine musician, and saw to it that music flourished. He was no pushover…he could certainly be a daunting figure when roused and was a dab hand at a tongue-lashing…”

– John Lambert (1960 – 1968) in 2010 newsletter

Mr Richard Hurdman (1971 – 1998)

Past EBS Headteacher Richard HurdmanRichard Hurdman joined the school in the seventies when the Comprehensive system was in its infancy and views on education and discipline were changing. For all of his tenancy, EBS was divided into Upper and Lower schools on sites at Chestnut Grove and Westbrook Crescent, hence giving him many major logistical challenges to cope with. As if that weren’t enough, he also had to deal with platform shoes, long hair, Glam-Rockers, Punks, Casuals, Goths and Skinheads – and that was just in the staff room!