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Uniform Through the Ages

We have come a long way since boys in caps and short trousers, girls in handmade summer frocks and prefects in gowns, but East Barnet School continues firm in the belief that a common uniform for the student body reflects pride in one’s school and provides an essential sense of identity for all pupils, both in and around the school.

However strict the rules, pupils have always found room for individual interpretation and the reflection of current fashion trends. Various student-led campaigns over the years have sought, with little success, to abolish or modify the uniform. One concession made in recent years was the decision taken in the mid-Nineties, to grant girls the option of wearing trousers. Interestingly it seems that the vast majority of girls continue to choose to wear skirts even through the winter months.
Looking at how the EBS uniform has evolved over 70 years says an awful lot about how fashions and conventions have changed and in some cases repeated themselves.

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    Thirties and Forties
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  • Eighties
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    21st Century