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Ofsted Report

The lead inspector said, “This is a fantastic school in terms of its ethos, with fantastic students”. He agreed with the students’ view that EBS is ‘fantastic’ and praised student behaviour as being ‘exemplary’. Much of the report captures the spirit of our school, with comments such as:

“Students show great enthusiasm for learning. The “I want to learn” philosophy of the school is very apparent in the great willingness that students have to engage with lesson activities.”

“The sixth form is outstanding. Students make excellent progress during Key Stage 5 and attainment is above the national average.”

“The behaviour and safety of students are outstanding. Exceptional care, underpinned by strong values, results in the very large majority of students being happy to come to school. Students are enthusiastic about their learning and show a great willingness to participate in lessons.”

“Approaches to teaching are often imaginative and engaging, with teachers using their good subject knowledge to plan engaging lessons related to real-life experiences. Very good relationships between students and adults lead to a climate of mutual respect and ensure a purposeful and productive atmosphere for learning.”

“Students demonstrate very high levels of courtesy and cooperation both in and out of lessons. They make an exceptional contribution to their own learning. They have excellent attitudes to learning and take ownership of their behaviour, supported by consistently applied systems for managing behaviour.”

“…it is an exciting and dynamic environment that stimulates creativity.”

We are never complacent at EBS, and, as the report says, we have very detailed plans for making our school even better. We are very pleased that the inspection team have made such lovely comments about our “want to learn” philosophy. Our inspiring, creative and caring ethos makes East Barnet a unique school, and one that I am very proud to lead.

N. Christou,

Click to view EBS Short Ofsted Report April 2017 Click to view EBS Ofsted Report April 2012


You can also find our latest Ofsted reports online here.


Ofsted Good Practice Schools

In September 2015, Ofsted released an article about East Barnet School from their case studies ‘Good Practice Example: Schools’. We are delighted that Ofsted has recognised EBS in this way. The entire article can be read below:

A Curriculum for the Most Able through Searching Self-Evaluation: East Barnet School