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Ofsted Report

The lead inspector said, “Teachers plan challenging activities for pupils and use resources which are well designed and chosen to meet the pupils’ needs”. She agreed with the students’ view that they are ‘well supported’ by the school and ‘feel safe’. Much of the report captures the spirit of our school, with comments such as:

“You, your leadership team and governors have continued to improve the school in accordance with your vision to inspire pupils to want to learn. The school motto “I want to learn” is powerful and effective, and pupils were keen to talk to the inspectors about what it means to them.”

“Your focus on learning and subject knowledge has enabled you to build leadership and teaching capacity through a loyal team of like-minded, long-serving staff.”

“You and your staff have developed a consistent focus on high-quality subject learning, culminating in strong outcomes and destinations for Sixth Form leavers in 2016. Three quarters of your Year 11 pupils join the Sixth Form and it is a recognised strength of the school.”

“Pupils enjoy learning and feel well supported by the school. They like teachers’ enthusiasm and the way teachers always help them if they are stuck.”

“Pupils say that they feel listened to and changes are made, for example to the arrangements for lunchtime, if they request it.”

“Older pupils are particularly complimentary about careers information, advice and guidance. There are a wide range of talks on offer which help them think about their future.”

“Pupils feel safe and parents also agree that their children are safe in school. Pupils value and appreciate the school’s work in this area. They are confident that the site is safe and know that there are always staff on duty if they need help.”

We are never complacent at EBS, and, as the report says, we continue to improve the school in accordance with our vision. We are very pleased that the inspection team have made such lovely comments about our “want to learn” philosophy. Our inspiring, creative and caring ethos makes East Barnet a unique school, and one that I am very proud to lead.

N. Christou,

Click to view EBS Short Ofsted Report April 2017 Click to view EBS Ofsted Report April 2012


You can also find our latest Ofsted reports online here.


Ofsted Good Practice Schools

In September 2015, Ofsted released an article about East Barnet School from their case studies ‘Good Practice Example: Schools’. We are delighted that Ofsted has recognised EBS in this way. The entire article can be read below:

A Curriculum for the Most Able through Searching Self-Evaluation: East Barnet School