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Staff Leadership

We believe that all teachers are leaders and that developing their leadership skills will also improve their capacity to deliver effective and inspiring lessons. We also know that these skills are essential for students to be successful in their future careers and life in general; hence why we place so much emphasis on this aspect of their education.

Leadership Partnership Status

Our application for this status included programmes for the development of students and staff, both at East Barnet and in other schools. We have offered these programmes for the past two years and they have been attended by hundreds of teachers and students. At least 20 EBS members of staff have gained promotions as a consequence of these programmes, and teachers from other schools have commented extremely favourably about them.

Promoting Staff

We believe in distributed leadership as a mechanism of putting authority and responsibility in the hands of many, rather than just a few.  Besides the Headteacher, we currently distribute senior leadership roles to three Associate Deputy Headteachers, and twelve Assistant Headteachers, who have substantive roles as Heads of Year/Faculty as well as some whole school responsibilities.

Performance Management

Yes. It is part of the school’s philosophy that all members of staff should have their work reviewed during the year. An initial meeting with the Performance Manager takes place early in the Autumn Term to review the work of the previous year and set targets for the new year. Feedback indicates that almost all members of staff find this a really helpful process for reflecting on their work.