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The Curriculum for Key Stage 4 (KS4)

The information contained within these pages are for the current Year 10 (2017/18). The curriculum being offered at East Barnet School for the current Year 11 can be seen here. Courses for the next academic year (2018/19), will be available later in the academic year after Options Evening.

All students should follow courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, a Modern Foreign Language, Humanities, Religious Studies and Physical Education. They will also study Citizenship and Personal, Social, Health and Economics Education (PSHEE), and will have experience of Information Technology which is co-ordinated across a variety of subjects. In addition, they must choose from a wide range of optional subjects.

Information on Core Subjects

It is compulsory for all students to study English, Mathematics and Science in Key Stage 4. Students in Year 10 and 11 are divided into two half year groups, each of which contains the same spread of ability. In each of these subjects there will be several sets composed of students who are expected to achieve the highest grades.

Decisions about groups in English, Mathematics and Science are made by the respective departments and any questions relating to this can be asked at the forthcoming consultation evening.

Information on Optional Subjects

When making your choices, the subject to start with is Science. All students will take either Core + Additional Science (two GCSE subjects) or Separate Sciences (separate subjects in Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Both alternatives have positive advantages. Choosing Separate Sciences will increase the amount of time spent on each Science but limits the number of optional subjects which can be chosen. Before any choice is made it is important to seek advice from the student’s Science Teacher at the forthcoming consultation evening.

The next step is to choose a subject from the Humanities block (Group 2), a subject from the Modern Foreign Languages block (Group 3) and a subject from the Technology block (Group 4).

The choice of Modern Foreign Language will depend on what the student studies in Year 9. For advice please speak to the appropriate Modern Foreign Languages Teacher.

The final step is to choose subjects from Group 5 to make up seven options. This will depend on the choice of Science subject i.e.:

  • If Additional Science is chosen, two subjects must be chosen from Group 5.
  • If Separate Sciences are chosen, one subject must be chosen from Group 5.

In addition, all students follow courses in PE, PSHEE and Religious Studies.