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Key Stage 5 (KS5)

For ‘A’ Level the curriculum is organised into five curriculum blocks. Students must choose ‘A’ Level courses within the framework of the option blocks (only one subject from each option column). Appropriately qualified students should choose four subjects at ‘A’ Level.

  • In exceptional circumstances, appropriately qualified students will be given the opportunity to study five subjects to ‘A’ Level. Students who have only just met the entrance criteria may be allowed to choose three subjects.
  • Level 2 Vocational Business course taught partly at school and partly at Barnet/Southgate college. This course may lead to progression on to a Level 3 course at school or college the following year. It cannot be combined with an AS course.

Please note that the courses outlined are what we hope to offer. If there is insufficient interest expressed for a course, it may prove necessary to withdraw the course from the offer. In this instance, students will be given appropriate guidance.

More information about each individual subject for the current year can be found on the subject pages, which also include contact details should you require any further information. For courses running next year, please click here to see the prospectus.