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EBS Students

Being a student at East Barnet School can be a very rewarding experience! By being part of the EBS community you will have a chance to excel in lots of different areas, and to become the person you are going to be. We work hard to encourage and support our students every step of the way, instilling the “I want to learn” culture into every young person that walks through our door.

Along with academic studies, EBS has over 30 extra-curricular clubs that range from Chess Club to Robotics Club to Football Club; there really is something for everyone! If you can’t find your perfect club, why not start your own? You will be given support and guidance to pursue your hobbies and interests in a safe and supervised environment.

East Barnet School is in a modern building with great sports and technology facilities to allow you to reach your full potential. This is your opportunity to embrace everything that EBS has to offer and to explore all of your interests.

As a member of the EBS community you will also get opportunities to go on foreign trips to far flung places for example, Russia and the USA to name but two, as well as go on the annual, legendary Ski trip.

“I want to learn” Culture

Students should always:

  • actively seek information or further explanations;
  • constructively question the purpose of a set task or lesson;
  • be able to concentrate and focus on the task at hand, without reminders from a teacher;
  • learn together, as well as individually;
  • have an understanding of the process of learning, and be able to use a variety of techniques/study skills to efficiently and effectively use their time in school;
  • learn in a variety of environments, including group and class discussions, silently listen to a teacher or other speaker, practicals, investigations, use IT, individual research, complete book or worksheet exercises, quiet reading, partake in physical activities, and artistic expression;
  • voluntarily participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities;
  • regularly complete homework, with proper thought, adequate research and sufficient time spent on it;
  • regularly meet deadlines for the completion of work;
  • properly use a homework diary;
  • be properly equipped for learning;
  • present their work well, and with pride;
  • demonstrate their respect for members of staff and other students by speaking politely, and behaving in a manner appropriate to the environment;
  • be supportive towards each other and not engage in any form of bullying, disrespectful behaviour or physical violence;
  • ensure that their environment remains clean and tidy by not dropping litter, or otherwise causing damage; and
  • regularly produce work and achieve success in line with the best of their ability.


There is no limit to the amount of clubs you can join, as long as you have the time and manage it well, then join as many as you like. Extra- curricular clubs at EBS are not limited to sports clubs, check out the club list for details of what you can get involved with. You will always be able to find someone to help you organise and run your own club after school of you want to. Charity events are organised through Houses, so speak to your House Leader if there is an event you would like to organise.


When you start at East Barnet School, you will be allocated a House. The Houses have members from all year groups and are split in to four Houses with their own colours: Chama (Purple), Keller (Red), Murray (Green) and Tutu (Blue). Throughout the year you will be able to take part in activities to win points for your House, and take part in the annual Sports Day. Look out for the End of Year Magazine and the End of Year Assembly to find out who has won! To find out more about the school Houses, please click here.