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Student Voice

The Student Voice is a platform for students to voice their opinions about the school to the Senior Leadership Team in order to help with the positive development of our school.

At the start of every year, each tutor group at East Barnet School nominates a Form Captain.  Any student can apply for the role of Form Captain, highlighting their leadership qualities and detailing why they would be the right person for the job. Amongst other responsibilities the Form Captain becomes the voice for their form at termly Student Voice meetings. It is during these meetings that ideas for improving life at school for all years and tutors groups are discussed and debated over lunch. Once the best ideas have been chosen, they are then put forward to Mr Christou at a second Student Voice meeting. Before a suggestion is given the go ahead by the Leadership Team, Form Captains may be asked to conduct further research. Once decided, students are expected to work with school staff to help make suggested developments happen. Feedback from the Student Voice is given to each form group by their Captain after the meetings have taken place.

So far this year the Student Voice has ensured a new selection of sandwiches and salads are available for students, there is easier access to the astroturf at lunchtimes, a new damage reporting system has been introduced, board games are available before school for students to play and the dining hall has been transferred into a larger, open eating space at lunchtimes. They have also had a say in introducing a new outside food counter to be launched next year.

For more information, please contact Mr Carrington.