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Student Wellbeing

East Barnet School doesn’t just look after the academic progress and achievement of students. We recognise the importance of the emotional heath and well being of all members of the school community and have developed a network of support, advice and care that means that students don’t just thrive academically but also emotionally and socially.

Difficulties and issues are a part of growing up and the school has a range of support that can be readily accessed by all students, from a brief informal chat with a teacher or Head of Year through to Counselling, Restorative Mediation, Mentoring, Coaching and Mindfulness. We recognise at East Barnet that everyone at some point will need help, advice, guidance and understanding. We have an experienced and expert pastoral team with a range of expertise that is always available to support students. Our pastoral structure is such that no student will have to look too far before finding the help they need, and at all times parents are part of that support framework, working in a close partnership with the school via subject teachers, tutors and Heads of Year.

Support begins even before students start at East Barnet with close liaison between our staff and primary feeder schools during Year 6. In addition, a ‘Taster Day’ is organised for those students who have accepted a place at East Barnet to begin the period of transition gently and to develop confidence early.

We also have a Personalised Development Centre (PDC) where students can be mentored and guided through issues that are causing concern. In addition East Barnet has two fully trained School Counsellors that provide expert targeted support through the school’s referral system.

Heads of Year

A Head of Year is a dedicated member of staff who has overall responsibility for monitoring the academic achievement and emotional health and well being of students in their year group. They stay with the same cohort of students from Year 7 through to Year 11. They are often the first point of contact for parents and for students who have questions or need support.

Form Tutor

Form Tutors meet the students everyday, to register them and to ensure that they are ready for learning. They also make themselves available to talk through concerns, share information and generally ‘be there’. They work very closely with the Head of Year. As a general rule, a Form will have the same tutor from Year 7 through to Year 11.


Assemblies are an important part of the school week. Students will attend a Year assembly once a week led by their Head of Year or guest speaker. Students will also attend a whole school or Key Stage assembly led by a member of staff or guest speaker.

School Counsellors

Established in 2009, ECHO Counselling© is a pioneering EBS initiative and is one of the few schools that provides a professional in-house service that is managed exclusively by two members of staff who are also fully-trained counsellors. ECHO Counsellors work predominantly from a Person-Centred perspective but may apply strategies and methods from several universally established therapeutic theories, proven effective in helping children and young people. Students are referred for counselling through their respective Head of Year.