Music at KS3


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Expressive Arts
Key Stage 3
Head of Faculty
K. Eustace
Head of Department
K. Eustace

Key Stage 3 Music focuses on developing performance skills alongside musical theory.

To develop students’ ability to compose and perform music using their creativity and imagination across a broad range of topics and projects. Listening skills will be taught so that students have the capability to talk and write about Music in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

Curriculum Termly Breakdown by Year

Year 7

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 Rhythm and Pulse (percussion). Students compose and perform a 4 beat rhythm that is repeated,
along with others, in a small group. One student provides a
pulse in the background, as well as playing their own rhythm.
Autumn 2 Keyboard Melodies and Elements of Music. Students perform a selection of nursery rhyme melodies first, then
they compose their own melodies and perform to the rest of the class. Written test on musical elements.
Spring 1 Music Theory, Instruments of the Orchestra and Ukulele. No specific assessment during this half term.
Spring 2 Music Theory, Instruments of the Orchestra and Ukulele. Written test on theory and orchestra. Whole-class ukulele performance.
Summer 1 Learning How To Play Chords (keyboard). Performing a selection of chord sequences on the keyboard.
Summer 2 4-Chord Song Project (keyboard and ukulele). Performance of ‘Axis of Awesome’ song in groups on keyboard and ukulele, plus singing.


Year 8

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 Improvisation and Blues (Keyboard). Paired, then group performance of 12-Bar Blues chords and melody.
Autumn 2 Developing Elements (Music Theory and Classical Music Introduction) Written listening test.
Spring 1 Keyboard and Ukulele (Chords and Melody) Group performances.
Spring 2 Group Music Skills (Putting a short song together) Group performances and written listening test.
Summer 1 World Music (keyboard) Paired performances on keyboard.
Summer 2 Fusion Music (keyboard, guitar, ukulele and percussion). Group performances.


Year 9

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 Film Music Keyboard composition and written listening test.
Autumn 2 Pop Songs Group performances of 3 pop songs from different genres plus a written listening test.
Spring 1 Song-writing. Written listening test.
Spring 2 Song-writing. Students compose their own song in groups and then perform their different parts.
Summer 1 History of Popular Music Written listening test.
Summer 2 Reggae Music Paired performances on keyboards.


Extended Learning

Year 7

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
BBC Bitesize Music. To help with notation: The AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1 (Eric Taylor). The Horniman Museum: 100 London Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ EBS Music clubs and shows!


Year 8

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
To help with World and Fusion Music: Songlines; Music Department Instagram Account: Search ‘ebs_musicdept’   Mortin Scorsese’s film/ documentary series The Blues: A Musical Journey… EBS Music clubs and shows!


Year 9

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
Music Department Instagram Account: Search ‘ebs_musicdept’     EBS Music clubs and shows!


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