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Additional Educational Needs

Additional Educational Needs

Welcome to the EBS Additional Educational Needs Faculty! We hope to provide you with all the information you need about this faculty, but if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Faculty strives to ensure that the Additional Educational Needs of all our students are met. We provide support to students with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), English as an Additional Language (EAL) and students who have been identified as More Able. We aim to promote the opportunities and achievements of all in line with our whole school ethos. Liaison with staff and knowing our students is essential and with this in mind we meet the students before they join East Barnet in order to facilitate a successful transition to Secondary School.

Our Faculty is made up of 15+ members of staff including:

  • Learning Support Teachers
  • Higher Learning Support Assistants
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • EAL Coordinator
  • Lead Teacher for More Able Provision.

The AEN Department would like to send you a message:

Dear Students, Parents & Carers,

In this extraordinary time, we all miss you; you are the students who we treasure. We work alongside you, with you and for you. We enjoy, (most of the time), the challenges you set us and we try to work with you to overcome these. We hope that you know we continue to be here for you. We know being at home and learning away from school is very difficult for some of you. We can help you.


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    Complete the work set here

Remember: It does not matter if you not finish all your work. What is important is that you try to do your work. More importantly look after yourselves and your families and know that, as one very treasured gentleman said, “always remember tomorrow will be a good day”.

We are here for you. If you would like a phone call please email ainchenko@eastbarnetschool.com and we will get one of the LSA’s that you know to ring you (just tell us who you would like to hear from).

Very best wishes,
S Brennan (SENCo) and the AEN Team

AEN Faculty

Mrs S. Brennan

Mrs A. Inchenko
AEN Admin Assistant

105 (1st Floor)
020 8344 2100

Useful Links

More AEN Information

Identifying Students' Needs

Information from students, parents, primary schools and teachers help us to decide on the level of support needed.

Delivering Support

Students are supported in curriculum lessons by Learning Support Assistants and our EAL Coordinator. Learning Support Teachers withdraw students for 1:1 work or to work in small groups and provide Literacy support in Years 7 and 8. They also team teach English and Maths in Year 7 and take Learning Support lessons in Years 10 and 11.

Exam Support

Students are assessed at the end of Year 9 to see if they meet the strict criteria for access arrangements. Applications are then made to the Examining Boards and students are informed by letter if their applications are successful.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Homework clubs and break time and lunch clubs provide times for socialising and accessing support.

Further Send Information

Please see the SEND policy, Managing Equality Policy, Disability Equality Scheme and The Admissions Criteria which can all be found here.



AEN Tour

This video was made for our new Year 7s during the pandemic, but it gives a great overview of the department for all students.