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EBS Enrichment

Enrichment at East Barnet School is designed to support the existing curriculum by providing a wide range of opportunities that enrich, enhance and extend the educational experience of our students within timetabled lessons, clubs and trips.

The purpose of Enrichment is to:

  • Give students opportunities to follow their passions, grasp opportunities and find new ones.
  • Go beyond the academic, technical and vocational curriculum by providing for our students’ broader development, enabling them to develop and discover their interests and talents.
  • Provide additional opportunities for our students to gain the knowledge and experiences that go beyond what they’re likely to learn at home or from their peer group so that they gain the cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
  • Help our students to develop their character, develop attributes such as leadership, teamwork and creativity as well as helping them to know how to keep physically and mentally healthy.

Enrichment Lessons

  • Students in Year 7, 8 and 12 follow a schedule of 5 week modules across the whole year that cover topics such as robotics, CAD, music technology, and creative problem solving. Students also get a chance to experience subjects like Art, Music and Science from a different perspective as well as trying out new sports such as golf at the local driving range and swimming. Students also participate in modules focused on careers, first aid and a module led by our Writer in Residence.
  • Wellbeing is promoted through a module on Mindfulness and all Year 7 students complete the iHeart programme that helps to develop resilience in young people.

A couple of examples of previous Enrichment (formally Triple E) work:

We are a Trained Educational Visits Coordinator


A. Iordanou
Head of Enrichment

124 (1st Floor)
020 8344 2100


A huge range of clubs are available to students at lunchtime and after school including:

  • Sports: Football, Netball, Trampolining, Basketball, Dance, Cross Country and more.
  • Music and Drama: Orchestra, Soul Band, Ukelele and rehearsals for the school show.
  • Technology: Robotics, Product Design, Lego and Computing.
  • Art, Language, Science and Maths.
  • Philosophy, Ethics and RE.
  • Chess Club.
  • Sports Leaders.
  • House Clubs.
  • EAL and SEND Clubs.
  • Writing and Design with our in-house resident professionals.
  • Wide range of homework clubs and study groups.
example trip photos


East Barnet School offers a huge range of UK and foreign trips from Year 7 up to the Sixth Form including:

  • Cornwall in Year 7
  • The Globe in Year 7
  • Tower of London in Year 7
  • Rhineland in Year 8
  • Spain in Year 8
  • Imperial War Museum in Year 9
  • Berlin and Vienna in Year 10
  • Geography Field Trips in Year 12
  • New York in Year 13
  • The Legendary EBS Ski Trip open to all year groups!

If you are excited by fundraising, organising events, using your time to benefit the students of EBS, or even playing our own school lottery, we would love to hear from you!