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Triple E School

Triple E School

Triple E stands for Enhancement, Enrichment and Extension and is a great opportunity for students to take their learning a step further, to apply the skills they have learnt in the classroom and use them in a more practical way.

Triple E School is one of the curriculum innovations that set East Barnet apart from most other schools. On two afternoons each week Year 7 and 8 undertake two strands of learning activities that are purely focused on learning through inspiration. This focus on inspiration nurtures the “I want to learn” philosophy making learning a joy. The students follow a programme of study in modules of four weeks. Previous topics included:

  • Students produced entries for the Book Bench Competition; a London-wide competition to create designs to go on to benches shaped like books and displayed around the city.
  • Students learnt the CAD program to produce architectural drawings and cityscapes.
  • Students experimented graphically and with 3D modelling to produce bags and carriers.
  • Students used STEM materials in a variety of creative ways to make Kaleidoscopes and Periscopes, Enigma coding machines, Tangrams and ukuleles.
  • Students learnt how to build and program simple crumble robots to complete ever increasingly difficult programming challenges.
  • Students used GoAnimate software to create cartoon characters which they used to make a cartoon story.
  • Students explored the qualities of an effective leader with specific focus on communication, motivation and organisation. In the last session, students demonstrated their leadership skills by running an activity for the rest of the class. In Year 8, leadership is developed further and students look in more detail at the organisation of people, equipment and space. The work completed in these areas build up to organising a tournament, with students considering the most appropriate type.
  • In Geography, the students used the concept of top trumps cards to look at how different countries can be compared. Using an online resource and a template, they then created the top trumps cards. These were then printed and students located all the countries they had made cards for on a world map and played top trumps with their deck of cards. This unit helped develop their skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of the differences between places around the world.
  • Art provided students with an entry point into stop motion animation. Building on the school’s Learning Powers programme our students worked in pairs covering the ‘Teamwork’ aspect of the initiative. They used iPod Touch devices and the app iMotion HD which students can download for free from the Apple Store to use on their personal devices at home.
  • Whiteboard and marker pen stop motion film.
  • Creating a post-it note animation film.
  • Filming a Claymation short. Sound effects and music were included via other apps.
  • Psychology: During this EEE School, students embarked upon a journey of the brain. They took part in experiments and investigations to understand the complex nature of the biggest organ in the body. Students found out the functions of different parts of the brain, their gendered nature and the role of emotion recognition in human behaviour.
  • Students discussed the importance of a healthy breakfast and the wide variety of options that are available. The group made a variety of breakfast items such as fresh fruit smoothies, porridge, scrambled eggs on toast and apple and cinnamon pancakes before sitting down and eating them together as a class.
  • Digital printing project: Students learnt and used Adobe Photoshop to create designs that they then printed onto coasters using the sublimation printer.
  • Party/snack foods: Students designed and made a range of party/snack foods for a special event.
  • Auto desk training: Students learnt the CAD package working through demonstrations and tutorials to create design ideas.
  • STEM materials experimentation and lighting.
  • Lego Mindstorms Robotics: Students were divided into teams in order to learn to program autonomous Lego EV3 robots. They then went on to use the skills they had learnt in order to enter a three round competition over the course of the cycle in which they worked together to find solutions to a variety of problems that involved them writing, testing and refining programs in their teams.
  • Students were taught cutting-edge skills on Photoshop such as double exposures, artistic filters, joiners, cloning, as well as other endless possibilities. Beginners were given the freedom to create their own street art images inspired by famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy and many more while using iconic photographs to express and communicate their thoughts and ideas.
  • Students built models for a future Claymation film. In groups of two they created characters, storyboards, sets, backdrops and props.

As students’ skills develop to a more advanced level in Year 8, they are given the task of using their own imagery to transform a short story into an image that depicts the moral, emotions or sentiments of that story.

  • Business: During this EEE School, students became young entrepreneurs, creating their own product idea. Based on the Junior Apprentice, students were required to design and present their own snack product around a given concept and target market.
  • LED lamp project: Students carry out brain storm, design ideas, and final design; thereafter students are given different sources of input workshop safety, use equipment 2D tech soft, electrical circuit, different adhesives and materials to develop their own ideas.
  • Music technology using apps and iPods: An introduction to music making using a variety of apps, creating rhythms and loops on iPods.
  • Adventures in Philosophy: Philosophy is a terrific way for young people to develop their thinking and communication skills and tackle big questions of their own choosing. In EEE school we take it a bit further and we do Philosophy in Outer Space! Students use all their powers of thinking, inventing, and working together to succeed in this epic adventure. They tackle alien problems and try to work out solutions, all the while considering life’s big questions.

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