Bugsy Malone 2020

bugsy malone cast

Bugsy Malone is one of my all-time favourite films, and I have always wanted to direct it. After all, it’s a kids show – it must be easy, right? Um, no. This was the most ambitious and complicated productions we have attempted yet, but definitely the most rewarding. We had to cope with a huge cast, lots of multi-roling, ridiculous costume changes, multiple locations, a kid rolled up in a carpet, a car chase, a near-lethal flour spillage, an exploding soda syphon, confetti balloons, custard pies, and………splurge guns!

The cast were superbly led by Euan Williams as Bugsy, who has continued to develop and mature into an excellent performer of skill and composure that belies his years. Evie Craggs brought a feisty strength and independence to Blousey, with Scarlett Irish’s unflappable Tallulah providing great moments of comedy alongside her exceptional musical performance. Fat Sam was played with energy and style by Aliyah Mabruck, who had the audience in hysterics with her reactions to her wonderfully incompetent gang, in contrast to the cool performance on Finley Noonan as
Dandy Dan, and Isabel Sabourin stole the hearts of the audience as Fizzy. I have always emphasised to the students that the difference between a good show and an outstanding show is the quality and commitment of the supporting cast. I was hugely proud of how each member of the company contributed to the big elements of the show and created memorable moments of their own supporting characters.

This review cannot end without a whole-hearted thank you to the staff who worked so hard to design and build the set and props. Mrs Chandler, Mr Chandler, and Mr Boast (what a legend), and Mrs Clemmett went far beyond what I could ever have expected, and I have nothing but eternal gratitude, and admiration for them. Following on from this, I must acknowledge just how well
the wonderful community of EBS came through for the benefit of our students; Ms Swaine (for regularly popping into rehearsals to encourage the cast), Ms Buczman, Ms Carnegie-Gomez, and Mr Steele (for their choreography and directorial support), Mrs Eustace and Mr Marriott (for managing to develop another fabulous orchestra), the Premises team (for letting us in at weekends and tolerating my diva strops), the EBS teaching staff (for covering our lessons), Mrs Donald (for arranging the ticketing system), Mrs Virides (for the hugs), our wonderful and hard-working
student-led stage management, wardrobe, and technical teams, and many, many more people.

The final thank you and well done must go to the entire Bugsy Malone company for providing fantastic performances, and such wonderful entertainment for their audiences. They did EBS proud.

Mr K Messios, Director

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