East Barnet School Uniform

Uniform is a particularly important part of being a student at East Barnet School. It should be worn correctly and with pride.

All students are ambassadors for the school and the way in which the uniform is worn should reflect our high standards and positive expectations. Our school uniform creates a sense of community cohesion, formality, and professionalism. The uniform and rules about appearance are non-negotiable.

Uniform in Years 7 - 11

Items with a red icon are required, orange are either item, and green are optional.



A black blazer without badge can be purchased from any retailer, and a badge purchased separately. A new blazer with badge, can only be purchased from our official stockist.

Blazer Badge

Required if blazer with no badge is purchased

The EBS badge can only be purchased new from our official stockist. Badges must be securely attached to the blazer, either by ironing or sewing (depending on availability).



The official school tie can only be purchased new from our official stockist. Ties must be correctly fastened at an acceptable length. From 2022, all new students must wear a tie.



Plain white shirts (short or long sleeve) can be purchased from any retailer. They must be buttoned up and tucked in at all times. No colourful t-shirts are to be worn underneath. 


Either trousers or kilt are required

Trousers can be purchased from any retailer and must be black, plain and suitable for school. Jeans or leggings, even if they are black, are not acceptable.


Either kilt or trousers are required

The EBS maroon kilt can only be purchased new from our official stockist. When worn, the two buckles must be on display, and the kilt must not be rolled up.



Shoes must be black and flat, with a rigid sole and low heel. They can be purchased from any retailer and must be made of leather or similar material. No boots, trainers, canvas or sports shoes.

Socks / Tights


For hygiene reasons, students should wear tights or socks with their shoes, which can be purchased from any retailer. Either option must be plain black.



A sweater to be worn under the blazer can be purchased from any retailer, but must be plain black and v-neck. A version with the badge can be purchased from our official stockist. No hoodies.



During the colder months, students may wear a coat, body warmer or fleece which can be purchased from any retailer. These items must be removed when entering the building. 

Wear Your Uniform with Pride

General Appearance

Parents and Carers should ensure students present themselves in a suitable manner for school. Uniform should be clean, in good condition, and clearly labelled with the child's name.


No shaven or fashionably exaggerated hairstyles.

No unnatural colours.

All students may have long hair, but we reserve the right to ask for it to be tied back.

Students are welcome to wear a plain black hijab, kippah or pagri.


One small stud per ear.

A watch.

Religious or cultural jewellery may be worn, but not on display.

No hoops/dangling earrings. 

No facial piercings.

No other jewellery.


No nail varnish/nail extensions.

No eyelash extensions.

No make-up.

Cost of Uniform

East Barnet School has a duty to make sure that the uniform we require is affordable, in line with statutory guidance from the Department for Education on the cost of school uniform.  

We understand that items with distinctive characteristics (such as branded items, or items that must have a school logo or a unique fabric/colour/design) cannot be purchased from a wide range of retailers and that requiring many such items limits parents’ ability to ‘shop around’ for a low price. 

We will make sure our uniform: 

  • Is available at a reasonable cost  
  • Provides the best value for money for parents/carers 
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