Exploring our


Academic Facilities

In 2010, we rebuilt our facility with the intention of inspiring all the young minds who came through our doors and the outcome was even better than we anticipated. Working with some of the most innovative architects and education specialists, we were able to incorporate teaching and discovery areas that were completely unique to East Barnet School. 

Our campus has often been referred to as ‘university-like’, and for good reason; it truly is an institution of higher inspirational learning. We are able to take the same concepts you would find in other secondary schools and enhance them with the help of our motivational facilities.

Project Faraday

Project Faraday was a major research and design project to radically rethink how science is taught and develop designs for new science facilities in UK schools. East Barnet School were lucky enough to be part of this initiative which resulted in our Faraday Space being built. This science space reflects the stimulating curriculum, and the latest developments in a student-centred approach to learning. This inspirational environment can truly excite students as soon as they pass through the school gates, starting a ‘voyage of discovery’ that continues throughout the whole school.

The 60-Year Clock

The EBS 60-year clock is an imposing installation which can be seen from three of the four floors of the building. Rotating slowly, similar to the London Eye, instead of taking people on a sightseeing tour, we fill our cubes with iconic figures or items to inspire our students. Linked up to two touchscreens, students can discover more about the theme through interactive learning.

The Drop-Zone

Our Drop-Zone is a tall, vertical enclosure that allows for an interactive learning experience. Students can observe and measure how objects fall using sensors and high-speed cameras. The Drop-Zone allows students to discover how things move and the way energy transfers from one form to another. Principles explored include gravity; trajectories; conservation of momentum; air resistance and aerodynamics; and buoyancy and the density of gases.

Dance Studio

Our dance studio is light and airy and fully equipped for dance and fitness lessons. From portable and fixed ballet barres to aerobics blocks and floor mats, our students are able to utilise this modern facility and excel in their physical pursuits. The mirrored wall is a great way for students to self-improve whilst also monitoring progress.

Wall of Wonder

The Wall of Wonder was created by our Designer-in-Residence in collaboration with students. It is a mechanical marvel that when switched on, moves in many different ways. The levers and pullies showcase and educate students on the different ways that items can move and be moved. The picture shows just a small snippet of the wall, which really is a marvel.

Sports Hall

The list is endless when it comes to the varied sports that have been played inside our Sports Hall, both competitively and recreationally. From basketball to football, badminton to cricket, trampolining to table tennis, volleyball to netball, we have tried them all! The Sports Hall has seen many great EBS victories over the years, and we hope to continue this success with the next generation.

Satellite Dish

In approximately 2007, a satellite dish and a few other space sheet material samples were offered to the school by British Aerospace, Stevenage. This dish was part of the manufacture of a Telecommunication Satellite with a French partnership (Inmarsat), where a spare dish was made in case of manufacturing defects. As the first dish was perfect, ours was not sent in to orbit, but it is a very expensive replica used for telecommunication testing at Stevenage; hence the marks are on the surface.

The Library

The Library is the beating heart of East Barnet School with a wealth of resources for all students. Alongside the thousands of fiction and non-fiction books that we hold, we also have eBooks, magazines, Manga, graphic novels, picture books, and much more. Students take part in Library lessons to develop independent research skills and nurture a love for the facility, which also broadens their knowledge. The Library is open before school, at lunchtime and after school, and also has a bank of computers for students to use.

3G Astroturf

The 3G Astroturf is one of the great facilities at East Barnet School. The students are very lucky to have such a large outdoor space, and we utilise it at every opportunity. One particular highlight of the school calendar is the Sixth Form vs Staff football match which sees almost every member of the school community either playing or cheerleading from the Astroturf side-lines. By the way, this is the view from our Library!

Music Practice Rooms

We have six music practice rooms equipped with various instruments such as keyboards, pianos, guitars, ukuleles, drum kits and more. Two of these rooms also double up as a recording studio and sound room. If students decide to learn a musical instrument at school with one-to-one lessons, these will take place in the practice rooms and are organised by Barnet Education Arts Trust (BEAT). Many of our students take up a musical instrument at school and go on to be part of the EBS orchestra, or to form a band, or become a solo artist. Students have the opportunity several times a year to audition and take part in school concerts and productions.

Cycle Track

The cycle track is a great facility for our students as it allows them to better their skills in a safe environment. Circling the rear of the building, students have the opportunity to venture through the bushes and trees, over bridges and into the dirt – so much fun! If they are going slowly enough, they can also take in the biodiversity that is flourishing around our site.