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The Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities

The school’s purpose is to develop students to be life-long learners who excel academically and to develop the whole person by building their character. Part of how we achieve the latter is to offer a wide range of opportunities outside of the classroom, also known as extra-curricular activities. We are passionate about allowing students space and time to explore their talents or pursue new interests, and many of our staff give up their spare time to engage the students outside of classroom hours.

East Barnet School students gain personal responsibility be enrolling in clubs and teams, grow in self-confidence by performing in school shows or in the orchestra, become self-dependant by participating in school trips both home and abroad, and this is just a taste of what is in store. We hope you will join us in encouraging your child to take advantage of everything that is offered to them, to make their EBS years the best yet!


We have over 30 clubs available each week covering a wide spectrum of interests, at various times of the day.


There are a many trips throughout the year, some are local, but some are as far as Europe and America.


We have termly music and orchestra concerts and annual whole-school productions that always sell out.


Students have the opportunity to work with our in-house professional resident artist, designer or writer.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

A huge range of clubs are available for free to students and change termly:

  • SportsFootball, Netball, Trampolining, Basketball, Dance, Cycling, Cross Country, Golf, etc.
  • Music and DramaOrchestra, Soul Band, Ukulele, Show Rehearsals, etc.
  • Technology3D Printing, Product Design, Computing, etc.
  • SubjectsArt, Language, Science, Maths, Philosophy, Ethics, RE, etc.
  • RevisionHomework, Coursework, Study Groups, etc.
  • EnrichmentChess, Sports Leaders, Houses, EAL, SEND, etc.
an example of extra-curricular activities at East Barnet School

Extra-Curricular Trips

East Barnet School offers a huge range of UK and foreign trips from Year 7 up to the Sixth Form including, but not limited to:

  • Cornwall in Year 7
  • The Globe in Year 7
  • Tower of London in Year 7
  • Rhineland in Year 8
  • Spain in Year 8
  • Imperial War Museum in Year 9
  • Berlin and Vienna in Year 10
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Iceland
  • Geography Field Trips in Year 12
  • New York in Year 13
  • The Legendary EBS Ski Trip open to all year groups!


Our most recent whole-school productions:

  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Raincoat
  • Bugsy Malone
  • Sister Act
  • Matilda

Our most recent upper-school productions:

  • Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson
  • Two by Jim Cartwright
  • Game Over by Mark Wheeller

Examples of our music concerts:

  • Winter Concerts
  • Spring Concerts
  • Summer Concerts
  • EBS West End Cabaret
  • Online Winter Concert
  • Piano Recital
photo of caroline green

Caroline Green

Writer in Residence
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photo of lara sparey

Lara Sparey

Designer in Residence
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photo of john williams

John Williams

Artist in Residence
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The East Barnet School In-Residence Programme is a unique opportunity for students to work with professionals in a field that may be of interest to them. The best part of the programme is that students do not have to leave school to take part; the in-residence programme is run at school.

Students are able to attend different clubs at lunchtime and after school to work closely with our professionals. They produce their own work and are mentored and steered in the right direction, whilst allowing students to be creative in ways that extend beyond the classroom.

In-Residence Alumni

Helen Evans EBS In-residence extra-curricular alumni

Helen Evans

Former Actor in Residence September 2012 – July 2013

At the time of her placement, Helen was the Acting Coach at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Her performance roles have included Les Misérables and Singin’ in the Rain. The workshops ran by Helen provided the opportunity for students to develop confidence, enhance their performance and simply have fun!

Gordon Warnecke

Former Actor in Residence January 2014 – July 2018

At the time of his placement, Gordon Warnecke was a Barnet resident and former chairperson of the EBS PTA when his son attended as a student. He is a trained actor and has worked extensively in theatre, film and television, most notably playing the co-lead with Daniel Day-Lewis in the film My Beautiful Laundrette. Television roles have included EastEndersBrookside and Only Fools And Horses. In theatre, he has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and had a successful tour of the show Monkey Bars which was seen by some EBS students.