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EBS Kitchen

The EBS Kitchen is unlike any other school canteen; alongside our obligations to provide healthy, nutritious and cost-effective offerings, we provide truly exciting and various menu items that cater to students and staff alike.

different vegware packaging that is biodegradable and is used in the ebs kitchenWe are a conscious kitchen, constantly striving to achieve better standards to reduce our carbon footprint. For us, education doesn’t end in the classroom – throughout the EBS Kitchen we try to impart knoweldge to students in understanding the importance of nutrition and environmental credentials.

We often hold tasting sessions with the EBS Community to ensure our meals are tingling those tastebuds, we have a suggestions box to bring in new ideas, and we speak regularly to the Student Council to look at new ways to improve recycling and packaging.

The packaging we use for all of our products is made from plants by a company called Vegware, and is all commerically compostable.

EBS Kitchen Termly Menus

Our menus are displayed in the EBS Kitchen so students and staff know what is coming up. We have also included them here so you can see the great options we have! We run three week menus, changing each term, so there is plenty of choice. From time to time we can have supply issues, and in these cases, menu items that are not available will be substituted for an equally tasty dish!
an example of the soup served in the ebs kitchen

As we move from September into the colder months, we provide hearty options to warm our diners up, even on the coldest of days!

Autumn Menus

The first week of the September term will always be week one. If it is week 2 before half term, it will be week 3 when we return. the Autumn Menu runs from September to December.

an example of a baguette served in the ebs kitchen

Springing back after the new year and to a fresh menu offering from the EBS Kitchen, with bright colours and great tastes!

Spring Menus

The first week of the new menus will start when we return after the new year and will continue until the Easter Holidays. The week before half term will run on to the one after.

an example of a salad served in the ebs kitchen

Bring on the summer sunshine and our EBS Kitchen Summer Fest Menu! Taking us through to the well-deserved summer holidays.

Summer Menus

Our Summer Fest menu starts as soon as we return from the Easter Holidays and ends the week we break up for the summer, excluding the half term break.

the ebs kitchen meal deal options

Price List

Hot Main Meal or Salad Pot
(incl. hot pudding, fruit salad or cold dessert)


Hot pudding, fruit salad, dessert (on own)

90p / £1.20

Sandwich/filled wrap



£1.90 / £2.50



Cookie / Muffin (not incl. in meal deal)

£1.00 – £1.40

Bottled Water


Flavoured Water

75p / £1.30

Break-time Snacks

90p / £1.30

(Please note this is an example of items offered, not all items will be available and not all are listed.)

Staff (adults) – Add VAT @ 20% to all food/drink prices.

Water Fountains

Students are more than welcome to use the water fountains around the school and may bring in an empty bottle from home to fill and use throughout the day.

View on ParentPay

All purchases can be viewed on the student’s ParentPay account. ParentPay login details have been sent to all parents /carers, however, to request the information again, please contact finance@eastbarnetschool.com

Nut Free School

We aim to be a nut free school, so we do request that students do not bring any nut-based products in to any area of the school, as some of our staff and students have severe allergies. Thank you!

Daily Specials

Alongside our daily menu, we also have specials for each day of the working week!


A mixed meze box of favourites & hot or cold dessert.


A noodle dish, mini bag of prawn crackers & hot or cold dessert.


Freshly prepared fillings in a soft tortilla & a complimentary cookie.


Curry with naan bread or poppadoms & hot or cold dessert.


Catch of the day, chunky chips, side dip & cold dessert.

Lighter Options

There are a selection of fresh sandwiches available as an alternative to a hot meal. Sandwiches are not part of the meal deal and extras, such as puddings, must be paid for separately. Students are more than welcome to bring a packed lunch if they prefer.
an example of a sandwich from the ebs kitchen

Important Meals

Breakfast and Lunch are really important meals during the day, and are scientifically proven to help sustain energy and concentration. We provide such amazing food at EBS as we believe in nurturing our students.
  • Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast! Without breakfast you are effectively running on empty, like trying to start the car with no petrol!

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  • Eating in the middle of the day, several hours after breakfast, re-energizes your body and can raise blood sugar levels when focus and concentration are flagging. If you’re feeling sluggish, eating even a small lunch can renew your energy and help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the next several hours.

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Allergen Information

For a list of allergens in our sandwiches, please click here.

Themed Menus

From time to time, at different points throughout the year, the EBS Kitchen will put on themed menus for the students to mark various celebration days. Below are a few examples of themed days we have had in the past. There are even more coming soon!
World Book Day EBS Kitchen Menu

World Book Day 2022

Chinese New Year EBS Kitchen Menu

Chinese New Year of the Tiger

Veganuary EBS Kitchen Menu


Christmas Lunch EBS Kitchen Menu

Christmas Lunch

Black History Month EBS Kitchen Menu

Black History Month

Bonfire Night EBS Kitchen Menu

Bonfire Night

Black History Month EBS Kitchen Menu

Black History Month

Branded Ingredients

We may be a school canteen, but that doesn’t mean we are just a school canteen! We work hard to ensure that we provide healthy, cost-effective options, that are also really tasty. See below for some of the brands we use in our EBS kitchen: