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Central to raising standards in education and ensuring all pupils can fulfil their potential is an assumption so widely understood that it is insufficiently stated – pupils need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education. Missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. Children with poor attendance tend to achieve less in both primary and secondary school.

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If a student is going to be absent from school, a parent or carer must contact the school before 8:30am on the day of the absence, and any subsequent days. The easiest way to do this is to email the Attendance Officer on or to complete our online absence form (below). Parents/Carers may also ring the school on 020 8344 2100 and follow the instructions to leave a message, although this can take longer at busier times. If a student is absent for more than a few days then medical evidence will be required (labels from medication prescribed is acceptable) for our records.

Excellent Attendance
Good Attendance
96% - 99%
Requires Improvement
91% - 95%
Cause for Concern
85% - 90%


Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential for good time management. Students must ensure they are in the appropriate classroom no later than the times shown on their timetable. Please encourage your child to be on time. They should arrive at school no later than 8.40am for registration at 8.45am. Students arriving late will be given a late detention at lunchtime on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are students rewarded for good attendance?

At EBS we commend students who achieve 100% attendance each term. These students are awarded a badge and certificate which automatically enters them in the termly prize draw.

What happens if my child is late?

Punctuality is a vital life skill that will serve students well in the future. We expect students to be at the gate at 8:40am for school to start at 8:45am. Students who arrive late to school will receive a late detention at lunch time the next day. The length of the detention is dependent on their Year Group and how late they are. Persistent lateness will be investigated by our Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) and a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued. Further information on this can be found a little lower on this page.

Can I make appointments for my child during school time?

Appointments should be made during the school holidays or after school. If a student must attend an appointment which cannot be made outside of school hours, then the student may only be excused from lessons for the duration of the appointment and should be at school before and return immediately afterwards. Every student wishing to leave school must provide a letter from either the place of appointment or a note from a parent/carer at least 24 hours before, in order to be excused from lessons. This can be emailed directly to the Attendance Officer via

Students will be required to sign out before they leave and back in at the Student Window when they return.

What happens if my child is caught truanting?

Truanting from lessons is not acceptable at East Barnet School. We have internal alert systems in place for students who are missing from lessons and regular patrols by members of the Senior Leadership Team. Students who truant will spend time in the Internal Exclusion Centre (IEC) and parents/carers will be contacted. Persistent truanting may result in suspension or exclusion.

What are the processes for persistent absence?

Students whose attendance falls below the school average (currently 96%) will be monitored closely by the Head of Year and Attendance Officer. If no improvement is made in the short term, students will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).

If a student is missing from registration and we have not been informed of an absence, a text will be generated to prompt parents and carers to phone the school and explain the reason for the absence and provide evidence if necessary.

Can we take a holiday in term time?

Holidays are not permitted during term time and if taken, the family could be issued a fine and an unauthorised absence will be recorded on the student’s permanent record. Only in exceptional circumstances, will a student be granted time out of school. If you would like to be considered, the request must be put in via the form below which will be sent to the Headteacher. It can take up to two weeks to receive a decision. The Headteacher will review each request and respond accordingly.

An application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Who do I contact about an unforeseen event such as a funeral?

An application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Information Regarding Fixed Penalty Notices for Persistent Lateness to School

On 26th September 2023 it was communicated to parents/carers that East Barnet School intended to begin issuing fixed penalty notices to EBS parents/carers if their child has repeated lateness to school. This came into force on 30th October 2023. 

A parent is defined by Section 576 of the Education Act 1996 is any natural parent, person with Parental Responsibility under the Children Act 1989 or a person with whom the child lives and who looks after the child, irrespective of his or her relationship with the child. 

All parents whose children attend a maintained school or academy in Barnet are subject to the rules in respect of penalty notices. Parents can be issued a maximum of three penalty notices each in respect of the same child in any calendar year.  

Each penalty notice is £60 if paid within the early-payment period, up to the 21st day after issue, rising to £120 up to the 28th day.  If the notice remains unpaid the Local Authority prosecutes the parent in the Magistrates’ Court for a non-attendance offence under The Education Act 1996, section 444, not for non-payment of the penalty notice.  If found guilty, parents have a criminal record, are liable to a fine of up to £1000, and may have to pay costs to the Local Authority.   

On payment of a penalty notice, the parent cannot be pursued legally for the same period of evidence.  

As with prosecution in a magistrates’ court, penalty notices can only apply to offences relating to a child of statutory school age enrolled at a maintained school, academy school or a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). 

Further information can be found here: Barnet Education and Learning Service Fixed Penalty Notices Code of Practice

Penalty notices are used in the following circumstances at the request of the relevant party, as described below:

  Reason School action Requesting party

Unauthorised lateness to school


Registration code: U

A parent regularly fails to ensure a child is in school before the closure of registers.

Schools must advise parents in writing of the possible imposition of a penalty notice if their child has six unauthorised lates (U) in any four-week period.

The request for the penalty notice must contain the original warning letter and the attendance register for the review period with the trigger number of U codes.

There must be liaison between the school and the Education Welfare Officer where the latter is already involved in casework with the parents to avoid legal confusion.

Headteachers, and those delegated by them.

The request form must be completed by the Headteacher or delegated senior colleague.

Morning registration at EBS is from 8:45am until 9:15am (9:35am on a Wednesday). If a child arrives between these times, they are late and receive an L code in the register. If there is no valid reason for the lateness the child will have a lunch detention the following day.

If a child arrives after 9:15am then the registration code U is used. The school will monitor children with a U code closely and follow the procedures below to avoid children reaching the threshold for a fixed penalty notice: six unauthorised lates (U) in any four-week period.

Number of Unauthorised Lates (U) School Action Staff Involved
1 Text message sent home Attendance Officer
2 Phone call home Attendance Officer
3 Letter home EWO
4 Meeting/call (depending on timeframe) HoY and EWO
5 Final letter home AHT and EWO
6 Fixed Penalty Notice Headteacher or SLT with responsibility of attendance


Options to Report an Absence



Email the Attendance Officer before 8:30am on the day of the absence and all subsequent days. If your child is late, you can also email to explain why. Email directly on


Submit The Form

Use the form below to send your message. It is possible we will contact you for further information when filling in the form.


Call us

Call the school and leave a voicemail for the Attendance Officer by following the instructions. Please note this may take longer at busy periods, and it is quicker to email or fill in the form.

020 8344 2100