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The EBS Sixth Form has been judged as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, which has enabled us to educate thousands of students, helping them (and now you), to achieve the future. Whether your path leads to university, an apprenticeship, employment, gap year, football scholarship (yes, we have had a few of those!), we can get you there. We offer near-on 30 courses, so there is sure to be something for everyone. But what really makes us different is our extra-curricular programme, including amazing trips and tours, leadership opportunities and nationally recognised wellbeing and pastoral support.

  • Ofsted 'Outstanding'
  • Unrivalled Support
  • Exciting Tours & Trips
  • Sixth Form Café
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Where our graduates study

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2022/23 Headline Figures

Where our students were placed last academic year
  • 126University Placements
    (through all channels)
  • 3Degree Apprenticeships
    (KPMG, JP Morgan & Deloitte)
  • 25%Russell Group Placements
    (click for Russell Group)
  • 86%First Choice University
    (applied, offered, placed)
  • 1Oxbridge Student
    (8 applications, 2 offers, 1 placed)
  • 2Students who are studying
    a Medical Degree
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Our Latest Course Guide

The EBS Experience

Studying in the Sixth Form is a very different experience from the compulsory education that you have received so far. For a start, every student present has voluntarily chosen to remain at East Barnet or positively chosen to move into our Sixth Form from another school. The classes are smaller so that teachers can provide more personal support for each student, and the atmosphere in each class is very mature and exceptionally friendly.

Our aim is to help you select the best possible course for your future. All the courses are delivered by teachers who are experts in their field, and who have consistently managed to get the best out of their students. Our A Level results have consistently been amongst the best in the country for many years, and almost all Sixth Form students who wish to attend university are successful in securing a place.

Being in the Sixth Form gives you the responsibility which comes from being the most senior members of the school. Both the teachers and the students lower down the school see you as the leaders of the school community; the best leaders lead by example. We therefore expect your behaviour and attitude to reflect the fact that younger members of the school will copy your example. We will also provide some positive and exciting opportunities for Sixth Form students to demonstrate leadership skills throughout the school.

We are proud of what our Sixth Form has to offer and look forward to welcoming all those of you who are successful in securing a place.


L. Swaine, Headteacher

Beyond the Classroom

Study Periods

You may have some study periods each week when there are no timetabled lessons. It is expected that you will use this time working constructively. The supervised Sixth Form study area and library offer excellent provision for independent study.


Independent Study

You must complete all work to the best of your ability and meet the deadlines set by your teachers. Further independent study, background reading, research, preparation work is essential if you are to achieve good grades and prepare yourself for higher education. Your teachers will indicate approximately how many additional hours of study you should do each week. In general terms, for each 60 minutes taught, students should spend at least the same amount of time on additional studies.

Enhancement Programme

This is a varied programme for Year 12 students aiming to add breadth to the curriculum. As an important part of the curriculum, attendance is compulsory. Within the programme students are offered a series of workshops, which is likely to include:

  • Interview Skills
  • Practical Cookery
  • Philosophy
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Film Studies
  • Community Sports Leaders Award
  • Sporting Activities



There are opportunities for students to take part in a variety of school trips and visits including the ski trip, Social Sciences visit to New York, language trips, Science and Geography field trips.


You are expected to arrive punctually for all timetabled sessions including registrations, assembly, tutorial and mentoring. If you are ill or unable to attend for any other reason, you should telephone the school, before 9.00am and complete any work you have missed on your return. Holidays should not be taken during school time. Only in exceptional circumstances will permission to miss school days be given by the Headteacher. All requests for absence must be made in writing to the Headteacher.

Dress Code

The Sixth Form occupy a very special and privileged position at East Barnet School and their conduct in and around the building should always be of the highest example. While there is no formal uniform in the Sixth Form, we expect students to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the business of school and serious study; showing consideration to all members of the school community. Students should not wear clothing that may be offensive to others nor dress in a way which may be seen as provocative.

On certain occasions when Sixth Form students represent the school, more formal dress may be required.


Mobile Phones

Sixth Form students may use mobile phones outside the building, but phones must not be used indoors.

Sixth Form Study Area

We are keen to develop the independent learning skills of our Sixth Form students, and expect them to make full use of books and computer facilities which are in the Sixth Form Study area and Library.

The Sixth Form Study Area is located on the second floor and has group work tables, areas for independent study and computer benches if you wish to do IT work or word processing. Located within the Sixth Form Study Area in separate offices are various members of the Sixth Form Team.

Sixth Form Café

Sixth Form students are able to relax in the café which serves food and drinks and is open all day. This is an excellent facility and is also used by many members of staff. An example selection of what is available is listed below. Look out for seasonal changes and limited edition drinks!

Main Menu

Daily Special
Salad Meal Deal
Porridge & Savoury Pastries
Cookies/Cakes/Muffins/Cereal Bars


Smoked streaky bacon, mixed salad leaves and slices of juicy tomato with a touch of mayo

Chicken breast, smoked streaky bacon, mixed salad leaves and slices of tomatoes with a touch of mayo

Chicken breast, smoked streaky bacon, BBQ sauce and Mature Cheese

Garnished with mayo, red onion and mixed salad leaves

Garnished with sliced, juicy tomatoes

Garnished with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber

Simply delicious

Slices of chorizo, garnished with wild rocket leaves and chopped tomatoes

Filled with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sliced red onions and cucumber

With mixed salad leaves and sliced tomatoes

Slices of pepperoni, salami,   Italian mozzarella, wild rocket and baby spinach leaves with fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes

Lountza, Greek Halloumi cheese, mixed salad leaves and garnished with tomatoes and cucumber

Filled with flat leaf parsley, spring onions and cucumber

Filled with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber


Chicken breast, avocado, sliced tomatoes and cucumber, fresh basil and baby spinach leaves, topped with mozzarella cheese

Moist slices of chicken, coated in Caesar dressing, garnished with wild rocket leaves, slices of crispy bacon and grated mozzarella cheese

Shredded roast duck smothered in Hoisin sauce, garnished with red onions, cucumber, baby spinach leaves and a touch of mayo

Chunks of chicken breast, sweet chilli dressing, mesclun salad leaves, cucumber and fresh coriander


Water (Plain/Sparkling)
Flavoured Water
Tea of Coffee
Hot Chocolate

Adults: Add VAT @ 20% to all food/drink prices
Duty meal includes small drink


All Year 12 students will be timetabled for one period of leadership each week.  This could involve helping with departmental extra-curricular activities, assisting staff in lessons, developing links with neighbouring primary schools, staffing the welcome desk, or another external placement. This is a worthwhile experience for students in terms of their own personal development and is a valuable addition to their personal statement on their Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) forms.

Sixth Form Support

Tutorials & Mentoring
All students in Year 12 are placed in tutorial groups and meet with their Form Tutor regularly for individual mentoring.  The tutor group follows a programme designed to help them settle into their chosen courses in the Sixth Form. Tutors normally remain with their groups throughout the Sixth Form and will support students through their transition to further education in Year 13.


At the end of your time at EBS, not only will you join our prestigious alumni community, but we will also organise a Year 13 Prom to celebrate your time with friends and staff. We are proud of all the achievements of our students, and will always take an interest in future adventures!