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Dr Andrew Szydlo visited us again to deliver an action packed and educational journey though the wonders of chemistry to all out Year 7s. Igniting a hydrogen/helium mixture and pouring liquid nitrogen are not experiments we can safely do in normal lessons so we hope the students were inspired by Dr Szydlo’s knowledge and enthusiastic style of delivery.

Who is Dr Szydlo?

Dr Szydlo has been teaching Chemistry for over 50 years, most notably at Highgate School in London. Famed for his ‘explosive’ demonstrations, Dr Szydlo has a way of inspiring students. He has been nationally recognised, receiving the Pearson National Teaching award for Lifetime Achievement and was featured in The Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘175 Faces of Chemistry’.

We are in the lucky position to be able to invite Dr Szydlo back year on year, and we look forward to seeing him again next year!

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