Chick Madness!

EBS went chick mad in March as we partnered with Living Eggs  – an ethical chick hatching programme!

Their 10 day ‘Ready to Hatch’ programme has supported our KS3 Science Lessons and has brought some springtime fun to EBS.

So how did it work? On 26th February 2024, 10 eggs and two hatching experts from Living Eggs arrived to a very egg-cited Miss Coffill who was our very own Mother Hen. They set up the incubator and carefully placed 10 eggs inside at a ‘just-right’ temperature. We waited, and we waited, and we waited and Miss Coffill could often be heard talking to her ‘little chickies’ while they remained unhatched and in their eggs.

Then, on the opening night of Oliver! The Musical, we had our first arrival… and yes, we called him Oliver! It wasn’t long before Oliver found his feet and his wet fur turned into a little yellow ball of fluff. He hopped around the cage rolling around all his brothers and sisters in their eggs. Then crack after crack, and within 48 hours we were extremely lucky to have 10 fluffy chicks born. The chicks were transferred, out of the incubator and into their new home with their food and water where they were adored by all.

After 10 days at EBS it was time for them to go to their new home. The boy chicks were re-homed with the help of the Living Eggs programme, and the girls were taken by a lovely primary school in London Colney, to live alongside their newly hatched chick. We have a picture of them here and when they are big enough, they will move into a big pen. We are sure that they will be very happy there. What an egg-citing adventure that was!

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