Dance at the Depot

students in their costumes ready to dance at the arts depot

The EBS dance troupe showcased their exceptional talent and dedication at the renowned Barnet Dance Festival held at the Arts Depot on Monday, the 11th March. Their performance transported the audience through time, seamlessly performing choreography and music from the timeless classic, Oliver! With precision and grace, this talented group brought the beloved musical to life, captivating the audience with their polished and enchanting performance.

The audience was particularly enthralled by the impressive full-extension lift and intricate clapping routine showcased by the troupe, eliciting gasps and cheers of admiration, leaving them eager for an encore!

The girls’ commitment and hard work were evident, as they exuded confidence and charisma on stage. All the girls displayed dedication and commitment; the troupe shone brightly, leaving a lasting impression with their impeccable behaviour and professional approach. Truly, they left the audience in awe and Ms Buczman was bursting with pride from the wings.

Congratulations to the following girls on their achievements: 

  • Zoe T., Year 8
  • Nikola M., Year 10
  • Isabella M., Year 10 
  • Katerina A., Year 10 
  • Vivian A., Year 8  
  • Neva C., Year 10  
  • Lexi M., Year  8  
  • Cassidy C., Year 8 
  • Lily V., Year 8 

Well done girls, next up the Barnet Dance Competition! 

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