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We were honoured to host George and Areti last term who came in to speak to all of our students about the dangers of excessive social media use and the very real risks of the dark web. Their kind offer of taking some of our students away for the day was much appreciated by our students and emphasised the need for real human relationships and time away from screens and devices. This also coincides with Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 6th February) and the work done in PSHEE this week, focusing on responsible  online activity and how to stay safe whilst online. We try to share as much information with parents/carers as possible so there is a wealth of information on the Christoforos Charity Foundation website and also on our Safeguarding page. Even more information for parents/carers can be found on the UK Safer Internet Centre website about staying safe online and supporting our youngsters with online activity and beyond.

Two of our budding ninjas wrote the following entry about their time at Nina Warrior UK!

We were fortunate enough to attend the free experience at a Ninja warrior course which took place on Saturday 3rd of February. We met in the school at 12:35am and left on the coach for a fun trip to Watford. A day without our phones was relaxing, no stress replying to texts and no games which took over our lives. This event made us realize how blessed we are to have Areti and George organize this.  

The trip was excellent, it was something we have always wanted to attend. The fun inflatables and obstacle courses excited us, we are so grateful to have this opportunity and will remember this for the rest of our lives. The courses challenged our abilities and made us realize how much enjoyment we had experienced without our phones. The food was also delicious and filled us up. Time flew, and we hadn’t even realised what time it was. Areti and George made sure we all had a gripping time and ensured we felt comfortable while bringing smiles to all our faces. 

Maya & the Yr 8 and Yr 9 EBS Ninja Warriors! 

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