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What is the PTFA?

PTFA stands for Parent Teacher and Friends Association; we would love for you to be involved in supporting our school!

East Barnet PTFA organises fundraising events to pay for equipment and facilities that the school could not otherwise afford to buy. We arrange stand alone PTFA events, and support school events where the wider school community can come together, get to know each other and have a good time – and hopefully make money for our appeals.

The East Barnet PTFA has two aims:

  • To build a community of people that can come together to share ideas, make friends and support the students’ and their families’ school experience by putting an extra bit of sparkle into school events! We organise the programmes, refreshments and help with the decor, whilst getting to know each other and having fun! We also support families by providing them with access to preloved uniform.
  • To fundraise for resources that are not normally covered by the school budget. All departments can apply for funds through our bids system. We aim to support projects that benefit as many students as possible. We raise funds in a variety of ways: through PTFA run events (like the school quiz), by supporting school events with refreshments, through sponsorship and advertisements with local businesses and through ‘arm-chair giving’, direct donations and money raised from websites such as ‘’ while shopping.

PTFA Elected Officials

A. McDonnell

N. Mottershead

S. Gates

L. Swaine, N. Mottershead, S. Gates

Contact Details

East Barnet PTFA, Chestnut Grove, East Barnet,
Hertfordshire EN4 8PU

020 8344 2100

Registered Charity

We are a registered charity, whose aims include advancing the education of the students of the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school (not normally provided by the local authority). We engage in activities which support the school and the students attending it and at the same time try to foster more extended relationships between the staff, parents, and others associated with the school.

Registered Charity Number: 291368

PTFA Volunteers

Every parent and staff member is encouraged to be actively engaged in the PTFA in order for it to flourish and support our young people in the best way possible. To do this we don’t necessarily need members to commit to spend many hours organising and volunteering at events (although this is most definitely up for the taking!), a few hours here and there would make the world of difference to the PTFA. Please contact us at to let us know how you can help!

Ways you can help:

  • Running our Box Office
  • Selling at Events
  • Decorating for Events
  • Running our Bar
  • Supervising a Student Event
  • Designing and Editing our Newsletter
  • Looking After our Books (Treasurer)
  • Organising the PTFA Meetings (Secretary)
teaching staff having fun at the east barnet school ptfa summer fayre and bbq


The PTFA has raised funds over recent years in excess of £50,000 to support as many students as possible during their time at the school. These include a new minibus, 15 cycles, upgrading the Sixth Form Café, online Encyclopaedia Britannica access, and numerous items used across the school including sports equipment, 3D printers, and radio microphones for musical and drama productions. The PTFA events held such as the Summer BBQ & Music Night are not just to raise funds but to form links within the East Barnet community.

a set of bikes on a rack


Amount Raised: £5,000

Following the creation of the EBS cycle track, the only thing missing were bikes. The PTFA raised funds to buy a selection of bikes for the students to use. They even instigated the cycle club!


Amount Raised: £15,000

Traveling for sporting fixtures or local trips, is part of the student enrichment EBS. When our old minibus gave up, the PTFA created a direct appeal, and raised thousands for our new minibus!

Radio Microphones

Amount Raised: £2,500

We put on some amazing shows at EBS, but sometimes sound was becoming an issue. Step in the PTFA who provided radio microphones that were first used in The Little Shop of Horrors.

Britannica Online

Amount Raised: £800 p.a. (4 years)

In this digital age, sometimes we have to adapt the way we make resources available to students. Although our Library remains very popular, being able to offer this 24/7 online resource is so beneficial.

DSLR Camera

Amount Raised: £315

We love to take photos of what the students get up to and to put all their achievements in EBS News and the End of Year Magazine, so we asked the PTFA to fund a new camera, and they did!

Data Storage

Amount Raised: £5,170

With more and more work being completed on computers, staff and students were quickly running out of data storage – step in the PTFA and we have lots of space now to keep creating!

3D Printer

Amount Raised: £2,795

Our Technology Department love to be at the forefront of the modern world, so when the opportunity arose to purchase a 3D printer, the PTFA were kind enough to help out!

New Hoops

Amount Raised: £1,600

The equipment at EBS gets a LOT of use, so when we needed some new hoops and repairs to some of our equipment, we were fortunate enough to have the PTFA for funding!

Lego Mindstorm

Amount Raised: TBC

Robotics is a massive focus at EBS, and a great way for students to learn is through play and through these LEGO kits. They have proven to be very popular in student clubs – thanks PTFA!

Snack Shack

Amount Raised: TBC

With so many students to feed in such a short time, we had the bright idea of having an outdoor offering with sandwiches and cold snacks which has proved to be very popular with the students!

Outdoor Benches

Amount Raised: TBC

On the rare occasion the weather is nice, we wanted to provide the students with some more outdoor seating, and thankfully the PTFA were able to fund some new benches around the school.


Amount Raised: TBC

EBS students learn in lots of different ways and we are keen to facilitate that. The PTFA were kind enough to fund some eReaders for students to read in the best way for them.


Whether it is attending meetings, or helping out at events, we want to hear from you. Just a few hours a month could change the lives of the students.


In addition to helping the students, the PTFA is a great community, running socials throughout the year; a great opportunity to meet like-minded people with the same goals.


Have you got the next big idea? Perhaps you have connections with companies that can help, or a skillset that will take the PTFA to the next level – if so, please get in touch.


Our current key objective is putting a new team together especially with the new intake of Year 7 parents and carers. The PTFA needs new talent and ideas and we believe that volunteers who have students at the school make the best supporters. Parents and carers from other years are most welcome, the PTFA is an ideal way to stay connected with friends from Primary school days.

Please look at the various fundraising appeals in this section and how we have had contributed to making students time at EBS that little bit more enjoyable.

If you want to get involved and hope that you do, please contact us at

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Can you join us for our next PTFA Meetings?

  • General MeetingsTBC
  • AGM Wednesday 24th April 2024 PM (time tbc)TBC

We Need Your Support!

The PTFA really needs the support of the entire EBS community if they are to continue to raise vital funds for our school through events and other fundraising means. For more information, please e-mail Alison McDonnell at or speak to the PTFA Liaison, in the School Front Office. Thank you.

The PTFA regularly organise special fundraising events to raise money for new school equipment and initiatives. Check out our school calendar to find out about upcoming PTFA events. Check out EBS News for reports from previous PTFA events!