Designer Meets Royalty

For several years now, we have been running the ‘In-Residence’ programme at East Barnet School, where professionals in industry work at the school on a part time basis, to offer experiences and opportunities to our students.

One such member of staff is Lara Sparey, who is our Designer in Residence. When the school was rebuilt, Lara designed the new gates at the front of the school that you can still see now! When everyone saw how fantastic our gates were, Lara was inundated with requests for school gates all around the country. A secondary school in Wales was lucky enough to have their gates designed by Lara.

What is very exciting about this story, is that Lara visited the school for the official opening of the gates that was performed by none other than Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince and Princess of Wales!

We are so proud of all the work that Lara does, whether it be for us, or for others, and we hope she continues to create amazing pieces of work.

the princess of wales shaking hands with the ebs designer in residence
the princess of wales talking to a student
designer metal gates with different school patterns
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